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Regulator to tackle contactless card security flaw after MSE investigation

Bank customers who have cancelled a contactless card may no longer have to check statements for signs of fraud

29 March 2017

Regulator rejects call to make banks refund transfer scam victims

The Payment Systems Regulator has rejected calls from Which? to make banks refund the victims of 'transfer fraud'

16 December 2016

Financial scams skyrocket by 50% in first half of 2016 - keep your info safe

Financial fraud has skyrocketed year-on-year with more than one million incidents reported in the first half of 2016

20 September 2016

Banks must take action over contactless card security flaw, says leading MP

A leading MP has said banks must do more to protect customers after MSE revealed a major contactless card security flaw

9 September 2016

Contactless card fraud warning: Crooks can use them MONTHS after cancellation

A theft victim discovered crooks using his contactless card EIGHT months later, even though it was cancelled

8 September 2016

Carphone Warehouse customer? Protect yourself after data breach

Carphone Warehouse customers are encouraged to alert their bank about a potential data breach as soon as possible

10 August 2015

Travel insurer Staysure hit by data breach: Check your card statement now

Nearly 100,000 customers with Staysure travel insurance policies have had data, including card details stolen

6 January 2014

Keep your Pin to yourself: Watch out for 'courier scam'

Action Fraud had 721 reports of courier scams across the UK between January and June this year

19 November 2013

Called by an 'anti-fraud team'? Watch you don't get scammed

Fraud experts warn of a new phone scam called

28 August 2013

Google Chrome warning: Be careful with online passwords

It's been revealed that online passwords are stored with little security on Google Chrome, so users should beware

21 August 2013