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Flight delays

Airline passengers to be compensated for delays of 1hr+ on UK domestic flights under new Government plans - here's what's happening

The plans also include strengthening consumers' rights to complain when the airline won't help in the first instance.

31 January 2022

Flight delayed by 'unruly behaviour'? You're NOT due compensation, EU court rules

Airlines don't have to compensate travellers whose flights are delayed by "unruly behaviour" by other passengers, according to a new ruling from a European court on a case which involved a passenger biting and assaulting others on board

12 June 2020

BA passengers disrupted by baggage system chaos – here's what to do if you're affected

Some British Airways passengers travelling from Heathrow were forced to queue for hours due to a baggage system fault – some arrived at their destinations without their luggage

18 July 2019

Flybe cancels dozens of flights

Flybe has cancelled dozens of flights to and from UK airports today, blaming "operational issues"

3 April 2019

Ryanair faces enforcement action after refusing to pay strike compensation

The aviation regulator has announced that it will be taking enforcement action against Ryanair, after the budget airline refused to compensate passengers hit by strike-related disruption

5 December 2018