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Giffgaff to hike pay-as-you-go prices – but boost some 'goodybag' allowances

Mobile operator Giffgaff will ratchet up the price of calls and double the price of texts for customers on standard pay-as-you-go next month - but many who buy its 'goodybag' bundles will benefit from more generous allowances

24 January 2020

Giffgaff fined after overcharging millions of customers

The mobile firm has been fined £1.4 million after an error meant about 2.6 million customers were overcharged by almost £2.9 million

30 July 2019

Giffgaff increases pay-as-you-go prices – but boosts allowances too

Mobile operator Giffgaff is increasing the price of its two cheapest pay-as-you-go bundles, known as goodybags, while increasing the number of calls they include.

26 April 2019

The top mobile providers revealed - where cheaper can mean better

Smaller - and cheaper - networks have come out on top in MoneySavingExpert's mobile provider poll

6 July 2018

iPhone X goes on sale - how to find the best deal

Apple's shiny new iPhone X is now on sale and if you're hell-bent on one, buying it the right way could save £500

3 November 2017

Giffgaff tops mobile phone customer service poll as piggyback providers beat the big boys

Smaller mobile phone providers Giffgaff, Tesco Mobile and Asda Mobile have been voted best for customer service

16 October 2015

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus pre-order tariffs revealed

We've compared prices from all the major mobile providers to show you how to get the cheapest iPhone 6S deals

15 September 2015

Giffgaff's Goodybags go 4G, but big data users may lose out

From today, Giffgaff is revamping its 'Goodybag' plans and axing its 3G range for new customers

2 September 2015

BT returns to the mobile market, but are its deals any good?

BT has re-entered the mobile market this week with a range of Sim-only mobile deals

27 March 2015

Giffgaff's goodybags are changing: Are you a winner or a loser?

Giffgaff is cutting both the inclusive data allowance and the price of some of its goodybag bundles from 24 September

10 September 2014