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Giffgaff to hike pay-as-you-go prices – but boost some 'goodybag' allowances

Mobile operator Giffgaff will ratchet up the price of calls and double the price of texts for customers on standard pay-as-you-go next month – but many who buy its 'goodybag' bundles will benefit from more generous allowances.

From Sunday 26 February, several costs will increase for customers who pay per minute and per text:

  • Text messages will double in price from 5p each to 10p each.
  • Phone calls to UK mobiles and landlines will increase from 15p/minute to 25p/minute.
  • Picture messages will increase from 16p each to 30p each.

The cost of using data for those on standard pay-as-you-go will remain the same, at 5p/MB.

But there's good news for customers who buy four of Giffgaff's monthly bundles, known as 'goodybags' – they'll see their allowances increase from the same date and they won't have to pay any more.

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How are 'goodybag' allowances changing?

Giffgaff – which is owned by and piggybacks on the O2 network – offers monthly 'goodybag' bundles of calls, texts and data on a pay upfront basis.

You're not tied into a contract with these, so you can switch between bundles each month if you find you're using more or less of your allowance than you planned. If customers exceed their goodybag allowances, they're charged standard pay-as-you-go rates.

But from Sunday 26 February, all goodybags will offer unlimited minutes and texts, while the pricier £20 and £25 bundles will offer double their current data or full-speed data allowances. Here's a full breakdown of the changes:

How Giffgaff's goodybag allowances are changing

Goodybag Allowances up to 26 February Allowances after 26 February
£6 500MB data, 300 minutes, 500 texts 500MB data, unlimited minutes and texts
£8 2GB data, 500 minutes, unlimited texts 2GB data, unlimited minutes and texts
£20 40GB data, unlimited minutes and texts 80GB data, unlimited minutes and texts 
£25 Unlimited data (40GB full speed (1)), unlimited minutes and texts Unlimited data (80GB full speed (1)), unlimited minutes and texts

There will be no changes to the £10, £12 and £15 goodybags, which already offer unlimited minutes and texts. (1) Beyond this full-speed allowance, data speeds are cut to 384kbps (roughly 3G speed) between 8am and midnight.

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