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Thousands of Shell Energy prepayment meter users to be refunded after being overcharged – here’s what you need to know

Thousands of Shell Energy prepayment meter customers on standard variable tariffs will receive a refund of just over a tenner after being overcharged for the past three years. In total, 11,275 customers will receive a share of £136,970.

25 August 2022

Energy price cap to change every three months from October - what it means for your bills

The price cap on how much energy suppliers can charge households will now change every three months from October, instead of every six months, regulator Ofgem has confirmed. Due to the current high wholesale energy costs, it means we're likely to see price rises TWICE this winter.

4 August 2022

Watch Martin Lewis's Q&A with Rishi Sunak on the new cost of living support package – plus more info on today's announcement

Martin puts his, MSE users' and his social media followers' questions to Rishi Sunak following today's announcement of a new cost of living crisis support package.

28 June 2022

Watch out for fake text messages claiming to be from Ofgem and offering a £400 energy rebate – it's a scam

Action Fraud has warned people about a fake text message from Ofgem claiming to offer people an energy rebate of £400. This is a scam and you should not reply to it, here's how to watch out for fraudsters.

16 June 2022

30% of British Gas, Octopus & Shell Energy customers say their direct debits have DOUBLED

At least 30% of British Gas, Octopus Energy and Shell Energy customers who were in credit and on price-capped tariffs told that they've seen their direct debits double – even though the price cap rise is half that, at 54%.

9 May 2022

British Gas admits its smart meter customers have been unable to track their energy usage via the app or website for more than two months

British Gas has admitted that millions of smart meter customers have been unable to use the energy giant's app or website to check their gas and electricity usage since February due to a "glitch". The failure has meant people have been unable to track how much they are spending at a time when energy bills have spiked.

21 April 2022

People cut back on adding money to their pensions and investment ISAs as the cost of living crisis takes its toll – finds poll

A quarter (24%) of people have stopped paying into long-term investments, such as ISAs or pensions, as the cost-of-living crisis takes its toll, research by Interactive Investor has found.

8 April 2022

Growing numbers told they won't get £150 council tax rebate this month with further delays expected - but set up your direct debit now

People should brace for the prospect that the £150 council tax rebate might not come in April, with reports of local councils informing residents that a software issue has caused delays. Make sure you’ve set up a direct debit now to help prevent further delays.

6 April 2022

Martin Lewis: Why your energy bill might be going up by MORE than 54%

As April's energy price cap increase looms, many people have contacted us shocked that their monthly energy bills have increased way above the average 54% price cap rise. In the video below (with transcript) founder Martin Lewis explains why this might be the case and suggests what you can do about it if you think the rise is unfair.

22 March 2022

Together Energy customer? Check your final bill now as hundreds of customers have been wrongly charged a £40 exit fee

Thousands of Together Energy customers have been sent their final bill containing an incorrect ‘early contract termination’ fee of £40. Check your statement now to see if you’ve been wrongly charged.

21 March 2022