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Ofcom to give customers right to walk away free over low broadband speeds

Customers of BT, EE, Plusnet, Sky and TalkTalk will soon be able to leave their contract penalty free if speeds are slow

11 June 2015

BT home phone customer? Check you're not paying to rent your handset

BT home phone customers should check their bills, to see if they're unnecessarily paying to rent their handsets

2 June 2015

Call rates for 084, 087, 09 and 118 to be clearer, but prices vary wildly

The price you'll pay to call banks, businesses and government departments from landlines and mobiles will become clearer

29 May 2015

BT hikes upfront line rental price for third time in a year

BT has upped the price of its value line rental (where it's cheaper to pay upfront) for the third time in just a year

15 May 2015

Major price hikes coming for TalkTalk broadband, TV and home phone customers

TalkTalk broadband, TV and home phone customers will be hit with price hikes from 1 June, but you can leave penalty free

27 April 2015

BT returns to the mobile market, but are its deals any good?

BT has re-entered the mobile market this week with a range of Sim-only mobile deals

27 March 2015

Government to get tough on companies making nuisance calls

Firms plaguing people with nuisance calls and texts face a Government clampdown as new laws take effect from 6 April

25 February 2015

'Just been charged £183 for one call via 118 118' – that's more than a sex line

The firm 118 118's adverts once gave the nation a great giggle – yet its rip-off prices are no laughing matter

20 February 2015

BT to buy EE, but no change for customers yet

BT has announced it has bought mobile and broadband provider EE, but customer contracts will remain the same for now

5 February 2015

Sky to launch its own O2-powered mobile network

The move will see Sky being able to offer mobile services as well as broadband, TV and home phone from 2016

29 January 2015