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Children's online games referred to watchdog for investigation

Three online games could be investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over paid for extra game features

4 June 2015

That smile might leave you with a sad face: beware being hit with huge emoji fees

Mobile phone users who send a smiley or sad face, or any type of picture icon in a text could be stung with big bills

26 May 2015

Wallet hit by O2 outage? Don't be left holding the bill

O2 says it's fixed a problem, which left some users unable to use their mobiles. But if you've lost out, complain

26 May 2015

Got a Barclays current account? Here's how to get £48 per year

Barclays current account customers who bank online or via app will be able to sign up to Barclays Blue Rewards scheme

20 April 2015

EE customers without mobile signal can now have calls connected via wifi

EE's new service automatically detects and uses a wifi connection to make and receive calls and texts

10 April 2015

No more 'not-spots': mobile networks agree to improve coverage

The Government has reached a deal with the four mobile networks to improve coverage across the UK

18 December 2014

Beware texting sad or smiley faces - you could pay £100s

Samsung mobile users who put a smiley in a message could see their text converted into a pricey picture message

12 December 2014

Three Mobile moving out-of-contract users to new deals as it axes old tariffs

Thousands of Three Mobile customers who are out-of-contract will be moved to new plans next year as it culls tariffs

11 November 2014

Giffgaff's goodybags are changing: Are you a winner or a loser?

Giffgaff is cutting both the inclusive data allowance and the price of some of its goodybag bundles from 24 September

10 September 2014

Revealed: It costs more to call and text at home than it does from Europe

It costs more to make calls and send texts while in the UK than it does when travelling in Europe, MSE has found

19 August 2014