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What's happening to mortgage rates following the mini-budget reversal – MSE's analysis

Interest rates on mortgages could start falling in the next few weeks, following the Government's reversal of its mini-budget which has helped calm the financial markets.

18 October 2022

Mortgage lenders now letting existing borrowers lock in today's rates SIX MONTHS early – does yours?

Several major lenders have increased how far in advance existing borrowers can lock in a new mortgage deal as interest rates rise. It comes as many homeowners look to start the process of lining up a new mortgage earlier than usual, hoping to get a cheaper deal and stay ahead of future rate hikes after the base rate hit 2.25% in September.

14 October 2022

Rates on 10-year mortgage fixes are cheap right now – should I be locking in for longer?

Homeowners have increasing reason to consider longer term mortgages over shorter deals, as the cost of borrowing grows.

10 October 2022

Treasury deletes tweet after Martin Lewis slams projected stamp duty savings as 'nonsense'

A tweet suggesting people could save £12,700 a year following the mini-budget has been removed by HM Treasury following a complaint from (MSE) founder Martin Lewis.

3 October 2022

Mortgage holder alert as new figures reveal 370,000 are overpaying – can you save £1,000s/yr? Here's how to check

Hundreds of thousands of homeowners are overpaying on their mortgage because they're languishing on their lender's standard variable rate, new data from the financial regulator has revealed. Yet savings of £1,000s a year may be available if homeowners remortgage to more competitive deals – something they may want to consider sooner rather than later with further interest rate rises expected.

3 August 2022

Thinking about fixing your mortgage for 10 years or longer? Here are the pros and cons

Fixing for a decade can be done for as little as 3.33% right now and is becoming more appealing as the Bank of England base rate continues to rise. But there are pros and cons to doing so - here's what to watch out for.

8 July 2022

Ground rent ban on new leases takes effect – what you need to know

Homebuyers who purchase a new leasehold property will no longer have to pay ground rent from today, as long-awaited legislation kicks in. The move could result in savings of £100s a year for homeowners – though new and existing leaseholders still need to beware the dangers of a short lease, as we explain below.

30 June 2022

Sweeping proposals designed to help people on to the property ladder announced by the Prime Minister – here's what you need to know

Sweeping changes designed to get more people onto the property ladder, have been announced by the Prime Minister today (9 June).

9 June 2022

MSE pressure forces broker Tembo to remove ads encouraging people to pay off student loans by remortgaging

Mortgage broker Tembo has taken down misleading online adverts encouraging people to remortgage to repay their student loans after pressure from

12 May 2022

Fixed rate mortgages below 2% axed from the market as interest rates continue to rise - here's all you need to know

Fixed rates on mortgages have increased rapidly since the start of 2022 and today less than 10 sit at below 2%. If you’re able to switch mortgage or hoping to get a new one and want a deal at current rates, you better do so now as they won’t be around for long.

11 May 2022