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Shoppers short-changed by 'shrinkflation' as packets get smaller – how to beat it and keep costs low

Packet sizes of some products are getting smaller while prices are staying the same or rising, Dispatches has found

20 February 2017

Tesco hikes minimum spend to avoid delivery surcharge: how to beat it

Tesco shoppers have been left furious after it announced it will add a £4 charge to all grocery deliveries under £40

9 July 2015

Morrisons launches online price-checker – but is it any good?

Morrisons' new price checker tool allows users to see which products the firm has cut prices on

27 May 2014

All supermarkets should supply prices online, MP says

An MP has called for supermarket prices to be made readily available online so consumers can make price comparisons

19 July 2012

Revealed: The true extent of Tesco's 'Big Price Drop'

Tesco's 'Big Price Drop' resulted in modest falls in the cost of a typical shopping basket, figures show

5 December 2011

Mysupermarket adds Boots and Superdrug to price comparisons

Shoppers searching for toiletries and beauty products can now compare costs between most of the major sellers on one site to find the best prices

10 November 2011