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Power of Attorney

Martin Lewis: Do you have a Power of Attorney? It's crucial protection – not just for the elderly – and more important than a will

Do you have a Power of Attorney? founder Martin Lewis explains how this crucial protection works, why it's more important than a will, and how to get one in the latest episode of ITV's The Martin Lewis Money Show Live.

28 November 2023

Martin Lewis: Do you have a Power of Attorney? Here's why it’s so important and how to get one

Do you have a power of attorney? It’s a crucial financial protection, probably more important than a will. founder Martin Lewis explains why power of attorney is so important, how to get one and more in the latest episode of ITV's The Martin Lewis Money Show Live.

20 March 2023

1.3m Power of Attorney refunds of up to £54 STILL unclaimed as deadline nears

Over three quarters of the refunds owed on Power of Attorney fees are yet to be claimed with just weeks to go until the deadline, can reveal

1 December 2020

10,000s owed refund of deputyship fees – how to claim

More than 80,000 people who have had deputies appointed for them by the Court of Protection are owed refunds of £240 on average – here's how to check who is owed

4 October 2019

Charity launches dementia-friendly finance guide

The Alzheimer's Society has published a Dementia-Friendly Finance and Insurance Guide to help businesses support people with dementia to manage their finances and stay in work

28 November 2018

Over £11 million paid out for Power of Attorney refunds so far – here's how to claim

Over £11 million has been paid out in over 180,000 refunds for Power of Attorney fees, can reveal - but this is only a fraction of the amount available to be claimed

15 November 2018

1m+ owed refund of Power of Attorney registration fees - how to claim

If you registered a Power of Attorney between April 2013 and March 2017, you may be due a partial refund

1 February 2018

Power of Attorney fee cut to £82

The fee for registering a Lasting Power of Attorney has dropped from £110 to £82, in a move the Government hopes will en

7 April 2017

'I've got something unpleasant to tell you'

Protect yourself and loved ones from the 3Ds - Death, Divorce & Dementia

14 October 2016

20 nifty over-50s MoneySaving tips

Are you missing out on pension credit worth £35 a week? This, and many other over-50s MoneySaving tips

8 June 2016