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London Capital & Finance investors in line for up to £68,000 payout under new Government scheme - but they won't get back everything lost

Around 8,800 London Capital & Finance (LCF) investors are set to receive compensation of up to £68,000 under a new Government scheme, the Treasury has announced today.

19 April 2021

HMRC to waive fines for people who file late tax returns due to coronavirus – but you'll still be fined for late payment

Those who need to file their self-assessment tax return may be able to avoid a penalty fee if they miss this month's deadline due to coronavirus

25 January 2021

'Excessive' claims management fees set to be capped - and it could save consumers thousands

A price cap on the 'excessive' fees claims management companies charge customers has today been proposed by the financial regulator in a bid to save people thousands - and the move has been welcomed by founder Martin Lewis

21 January 2021

Unite Students and Student Roost offer rent refunds to students delayed returning to university

Unite and Student Roost - two major university accommodation providers - have agreed to offer rent refunds to tens of thousands of students whose returns have been delayed due to Covid-19

12 January 2021

Can students claim a rent refund as they're told not to return to uni? What you need to know

Students at some universities are being given partial rent refunds as they may be away from their accommodation until February due to coronavirus restrictions. But other institutions are refusing to give students cash back. We round up what's happening and how to try to get some of your money back

6 January 2021

London Capital & Finance investors given compensation hope under new Government scheme

London Capital & Finance (LCF) investors have been given compensation hope after the announcement that HM Treasury will set up a scheme for those who lost money when the bond firm went bust. It comes as a damning report reveals the firm hadn't been effectively supervised by the financial watchdog

17 December 2020

Families of disabled children trying to access Child Trust Funds can save or reclaim £365+ after Government overhaul

Families with disabled children will no longer have to pay costly court fees of £365+ to access savings held in Child Trust Funds, the Government has announced

2 December 2020

1.3m Power of Attorney refunds of up to £54 STILL unclaimed as deadline nears

Over three quarters of the refunds owed on Power of Attorney fees are yet to be claimed with just weeks to go until the deadline, can reveal

1 December 2020

'I claimed back £1,100 after overpaying my student loan in FOUR different years'

A graduate was able to claim back almost £1,100 from the Student Loans Company after reading's guide and discovering she'd overpaid for four years - and she says the money will be vital to her while she's between jobs

2 November 2020

Holiday Extras backtracks on cancellation refunds – it now WILL give many cash back

The airport parking website has reversed its decision to issue vouchers rather than refunds

17 June 2020