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Mortgage rates are falling – five-year fixes to drop under 4%. But will they get cheaper?

Mortgage rates are falling – 5-year fixes to drop under 4%. But will they get cheaper?

16 January 2024

Fixed mortgage deals expected to get cheaper despite base rate increasing to 4% – what you need to know

Interest rates on fixed mortgage deals are expected to fall over the coming weeks, despite the Bank of England increasing the base rate to 4%. If you need a new mortgage in the coming months, we've analysed the mortgage market and spoken to a number of brokers to help you navigate this uncertain market.

7 February 2023

Hundreds of fixed-rate mortgage deals drop below 5% – but is now a good time to fix?

Interest rates on fixed mortgage deals are continuing to fall with hundreds now below 5% and many closer to 4%. But with fixed mortgage rates expected to drop further, is now a good time to lock in? Below we explain what's happening, and what to consider if your deal's coming to an end.

11 January 2023

Got a mortgage rate locked in that hasn't started yet? Check now if you can get a cheaper one

If you've locked in a fixed mortgage deal that can now be beaten, check if you can switch penalty-free.

22 November 2022

Need a new mortgage? Staying with your existing lender may now be cheaper than switching to a different one

We look at the difference between 'sticking or twisting', and why the balance between the two has shifted.

15 November 2022

Cheapest fixed mortgage deals dip below 5% – the lowest rate in a month

Homebuyers and remortgagers can now take out a five-year fixed deal that charges less than 5% interest.

14 November 2022

Latest on mortgage rates – fixed rates start to fall, despite another Bank of England base rate rise

The cost of fixed-rate mortgage deals has started to fall, despite the Bank of England's base rate rise last week.

8 November 2022

Mortgage lenders now letting existing borrowers lock in today's rates SIX MONTHS early – does yours?

Several major lenders have increased how far in advance existing borrowers can lock in a new mortgage deal as interest rates rise. It comes as many homeowners look to start the process of lining up a new mortgage earlier than usual, hoping to get a cheaper deal and stay ahead of future rate hikes after the base rate hit 2.25% in September.

14 October 2022

MSE pressure forces broker Tembo to remove ads encouraging people to pay off student loans by remortgaging

Mortgage broker Tembo has taken down misleading online adverts encouraging people to remortgage to repay their student loans after pressure from

12 May 2022

Homeowners could switch to a cheaper mortgage more easily as lending rules are set to be relaxed

Tens of thousands of mortgage prisoners are now one step closer to being freed, after the financial regulator began consulting on relaxing mortgage affordability rules, in an important step forward for's long-running campaign.

26 March 2019