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Warning: Remortgage ASAP or lose chance? Rates at historic lows and changes afoot

Remortgage rates (where you switch mortgage to save) are rock-bottom. Everyone check now of you can save

29 April 2015

Urgent warning: EU remortgage rules could create mortgage prisoners explains how new EU rules could affect you if you're looking to remortgage

28 April 2015

'Decrease the term or overpay my mortgage?' – Martin Lewis answers

Overpaying and shortening a mortgage term do the same thing, yet overpaying has the advantage that you can stop it

16 March 2015

Stamp duty to undergo massive overhaul: Autumn Statement 2014

From tomorrow, stamp duty will only paid on the portion of the purchase price that goes over each threshold

3 December 2014

Property repossessions and arrears at a six year low

Low interest rates mean fewer homeowners are struggling to keep up with their mortgage repayments

13 November 2014

On a mortgage lender's SVR? Check you're not paying too much

Many homeowners with a decent credit score and 10%+ equity who are on a SVR for their mortgage could ditch it and save

11 November 2014

Had a West Brom mortgage? You could be due a share of £2m in refunds

Thousands of West Bromwich mortgage customers are due a share of £2 million following interest overpayments

26 June 2014

New mortgage rules: How do they affect you?

Potential home buyers who want a mortgage will have to have their finances scrutinised more closely from tomorrow

25 April 2014

Rate drop fuels cheap mortgage hope

Hopes of cheaper mortgage deals were fuelled this week after lenders' borrowing rates tumbled to an all-time low

21 June 2012

Halifax: House prices up in May

House prices showed a slight increase last month but are unlikely to move much over the rest of this year, says Halifax

7 June 2012