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The best and worst banks: First Direct tops the table and Barclays gets the wooden spoon

More than 90% of First Direct's current account customers rate its service as 'great', compared to 39% at Barclays

25 February 2015

There's never been a better time to switch bank - the 10 need-to-knows

Banks are salivating for business, pushing out lucrative perks for switchers. Here are the 10 need-to-knows

25 February 2015

First Direct top, Barclays gets wooden spoon in MSE's latest banking service index

First Direct has secured the top spot once more with more than 90% of its customers rating it 'great'

26 August 2014

Revealed: The best and worst banks for customer service

Santander now ranks as one of the best in MSE's index of banks by customer service – but only for its 123 account

20 August 2013

Firms charge existing customers, but not new customers, to call

Many banks, insurers and energy companies operate a two-tier telephone system, penalising loyal customers

21 June 2012

Co-op & Smile latest to raise overdraft rates

Co-op & Smile will raise the cost of going into the red on virtually all accounts from 6 August

20 June 2012