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Passengers set for extra compensation after train timetable chaos

Commuters on Great Northern, Thameslink and Northern trains could soon be eligible for an extra lump sum of compensation

5 June 2018

Thameslink and Great Northern wipe cancelled trains from departure boards - DON'T let it stop you claiming

A train firm struggling with major disruption after a massive timetable overhaul is making cancelled trains 'disappear'

30 May 2018

Passengers hit by delays after major train timetable shake-up - here's how to claim

Passengers faced disruption as three train firms began a major timetable shake-up to many of their services

21 May 2018

Average water bill to rise by £9 - see how yours will change

The average water and sewerage bill in England and Wales will rise by £9 in the next year – to £405

1 February 2018

Automatic compensation for 15+ min delays now offered to Thameslink and Great Northern commuters

Commuters who use Thameslink and Great Northern trains can now get automatic compensation for delays of 15+ minutes

5 July 2017

Southern commuters hit by train drivers' overtime ban can claim for 15+ minute delays against original timetable

Southern travellers can claim compensation for delays against their usual train times rather than a revised timetable

30 June 2017

Deadline set for Southern Rail lump sum compensation claims as payouts top £10m

More than 30,000 Southern Rail passengers have until 30 April to claim

21 March 2017

Southern Rail opens up lump sum compensation to all eligible commuters – can you claim £100s?

Southern Rail has opened up its lump sum compensation scheme to all eligible commuters, who could be owed £100s

23 February 2017

Southern season ticket holders on track for refunds worth £100s – can you claim?

Thousands of Southern Rail season ticket holders are on track to pocket a lump sum worth £100s

7 February 2017

Southern Rail commuters seek judicial review into the Government's handling of the crisis

The Association of British Commuters wants a judge to consider whether the Department for Transport has acted lawfully

2 February 2017