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Broadband adverts to show AVERAGE speeds

From next week, adverts from broadband providers will all have to show the average rather than the top speeds they offer

18 May 2018

Netflix hikes prices of top-end subscriptions

TV and movie streaming giant Netflix is increasing the price of some of its subscription packages

6 October 2017

Broadband users to get automatic compensation for outages

Broadband firms will have to repair faults and perform installations quicker and pay automatic refunds under Ofcom plans

25 February 2016

Beat the BT Sport hikes: Millions auto opted in, everyone with BT broadband should check

More than five million BT Sport customers either face a steep price rise or will have to pay £5/month extra

22 July 2015

Netflix increases prices for new customers

New sign-ups to the online TV and movie streaming service Netflix will pay more for standard monthly membership

11 June 2015

Want Netflix? Move quickly – it's hiking prices today

Netflix is upping prices for new customers later today from £5.99/month to £6.99/month

9 May 2014

Amazon Prime cost leaps - but it now includes Lovefilm streaming

Anyone who signs up to Amazon Prime now has to pay £79/year, but can now also access movies and TV shows to stream

25 February 2014

Blockbuster back into administration: What next for customers and staff?

Movie and gaming rental firm Blockbuster has gone into administration again, it's been announced today

11 November 2013

Advertised broadband speed claims are 'false'

Many consumers will be left frustrated as the difference in advertised and actual broadband speed has grown, says Ofcom

27 July 2011

Emergency firm Homecall+ goes bust: your rights

Thousands of homeowners could be left without full cover after home emergency insurance provider Homecall+ went bust

19 May 2011