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Flybe stops trading and cancels all flights – what you need to know

Airline Flybe has ceased trading this morning and all flights have been cancelled. Here's what you need to know.

28 January 2023

Ryanair passenger wins cash back in court after being denied refund for Covid disruption - how you can try to get your money back too

A MoneySaver has been awarded over £400 by the small claims court after successfully arguing he should have been given a refund for a Ryanair flight he didn't take due to Government advice not to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic.

26 January 2023

London bus and Tube fares to jump by the biggest amount in a decade - here's what you need to know

Londoners who use the Tube and bus will have to pay more from 5 March, London mayor Sadiq Khan has announced today. Single Tube fares will rise by 30p in Zone 1 and by between 10p and 30p across the rest of the Underground network. Single bus fares will rise by 10p.

18 January 2023

Martin Lewis: Booking an overseas holiday? Here are two must-know warnings

Millions of people are booking holidays right now, and MSE's founder Martin Lewis had an important warning for them in the latest episode of ITV's The Martin Lewis Money Show Live.

18 January 2023

Coronavirus travel rights

We've the latest on the testing and self-isolation rules for travellers visiting popular destinations abroad, plus full refund and insurance rights for overseas and UK travel.

21 December 2022

Supermarkets charging too much for petrol, RAC says – here's how you can cut fuel costs

Motorists are missing out on cheaper petrol because major supermarkets, which are the UK's biggest fuel retailers, aren't lowering their forecourt prices to reflect far lower wholesale costs, according to motoring organisation the RAC.

22 November 2022

New greener petrol to be introduced in Northern Ireland by 1 November – but not all vehicles are compatible and it could push up costs

E10 petrol is being rolled out across forecourts in Northern Ireland by Tuesday 1 November, following its introduction across England, Scotland and Wales last year. Here's what it means for motorists.

26 October 2022

Got a credit note from a Covid-19 cancelled package holiday? Use it TODAY or you will lose valuable extra protection

If you have an unused credit note from a package holiday that was cancelled due to the pandemic, you should redeem it or cash it in by the end of today (30 September 2022). If you don't you risk losing valuable protection if the firm that issued it goes bust.

30 September 2022

Single bus journeys in England to be capped at £2 for the first three months of next year - here's all you need to know

The fare for single bus journeys in England will be capped at £2 between 1 January and 31 March next year in an effort to help tackle the cost of living crisis. The cap will only apply to single journeys but the Department for Transport (DfT) said the move could save passengers an average of £3 per single fare.

6 September 2022

Tens of thousands of flights are being cancelled - make sure you know your refund and compensation rights founder Martin Lewis is alerting customers of British Airways, Easyjet, Ryanair and others who’ve recently had, or will face, cancellations that they may be entitled to claim £100s per person in compensation on top of refunds and a new flight.

23 August 2022