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26,000 switched away from TSB between April and June

TSB lost only 900 more customers between April and June than it did between January and March

27 July 2018

Bank switches topped 950,000 in past year - here are the winners and losers

Almost one million current account switches took place in the last 12 months

25 July 2018

TSB customers locked out of their accounts AGAIN

Some TSB customers reported problems accessing their online banking and mobile app after another IT update

10 July 2018

Banks asked how prepared they are for TSB-style meltdown

Banks are being asked how well prepared they are for a cyber attack or TSB-style IT meltdown by the Bank of England

6 July 2018

75,000+ TSB complaints STILL unresolved - despite many customers waiting more than eight weeks

Tens of thousands of TSB customers are still waiting for their complaints about the bank's IT meltdown to be addressed

28 June 2018

1,300 TSB customers have lost money to fraudsters, MPs told

The FCA warned that 40% of calls were still being abandoned and fraud victims have not been repaid quickly enough

6 June 2018

Martin Lewis hands MPs list of key questions TSB must answer founder Martin Lewis has written to the chair of the Treasury Committee Nicky Morgan

5 June 2018

TSB opens account and issues debit card to customer who died last year

TSB has apologised after it opened a new current account and sent a debit card to a man who passed away in 2017

4 June 2018

New TSB blunder as customers receive apology letters addressed to others

TSB customers are receiving letters addressed to other customers in the latest blunder since the bank's IT meltdown

31 May 2018

TSB still can't say when its IT problems will be fixed - over a month after they started

TSB still hasn't given a fixed date on when its IT problems will be fully fixed - over a month after they started

25 May 2018

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