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Winter Fuel Payments

Support cut for fuel-poor families

Government help for families struggling in fuel poverty has been reduced by more than a quarter since 2009

27 November 2012

Prime Minister David Cameron plans welfare crackdown

David Cameron will moot slashing benefits for families and young people today, in a major speech

25 June 2012

Winter fuel payments: how to get them and are you eligible?

Most people aged over 60 can apply now to get help towards their winter energy costs from the Government

15 November 2011

Winter fuel payments cut in secret Budget measure

The elderly are set for a shock later this year as they will get up to £100 less from the Government to pay for their winter energy bills

24 March 2011

Cold weather payments: who qualifies?

The freezing temperatures across the UK have triggered the benefit payout, but how does it work?

2 December 2010