Should the UK leave the European Union?

UKIP is shaking up the British political status quo – with its biggest policy being that the UK should leave the European Union. If you were given a stark choice on this, phrased similarly to the Scottish referendum, how would you vote? We’ve divided the options by UK country and gender to see if it makes a difference. Should the UK leave the European Union…

When do you chuck away best-before foods?

Are you a chucker or a keeper when it comes to food that’s past its ‘best-before’ date? Which of these is closest to your USUAL stance (be honest!)?

Would you vote for less tax or more spend?

We’re just 30 weeks away from a general election and already battle lines are being drawn. The Conservatives are pushing tax cuts, while Labour are focused on increasing public spending and introducing new taxes. Let's take the straightforward premise that to be able to increase public spending taxes also need to be increased (which of course is an oversimplification), which of these options is CLOSEST to your views?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

The countdown has started; we've now fewer than 90 days to go. So are you a Christmas pre-planner or do you leave it until the last minute? How much of your Christmas shopping have you done so far? Please choose the option CLOSEST to your situation.

Should the regulator prevent broadband & mobile firms from cutting their price to keep you when you ask to leave?

Ofcom, the communications regulator, is investigating digital TV, broadband, landline and mobile phone ‘retention’ offers - those where when you ask to leave they try and cut prices to persuade you to stay. It believes this could be harmful to consumers in the longer term as new providers find it hard to compete for business, therefore reducing choice and meaning only decent hagglers get the better deals (for tips on how to do it see our How to haggle service providers guide). Which of the following is CLOSEST to your opinion?

Choose our new logo...

It’s time to update the MSE logo (actually in truth we don’t have a logo – it's more just the site name written out) and so we've worked on two designs. So we wanted to give you a say in what you think works best; after all you’ll be the ones who have to look at it! Please pick the logo you prefer:

Would you vote for English/Welsh/NI independence?

The Scottish referendum is here. Those resident in Scotland will decide whether the country should break away from the rest of the UK. So we wanted to run our own vote for the constituent countries of the UK using similar stark language as in the real referendum. Please select the option closest to your views.

What gift cards do you value the most?

No, sorry we’re not giving them away. Yet lots of firms now use them as promotion incentives e.g. currently you can get £100 Amazon vouchers with an EE broadband deal.So we wanted to know how much gift cards are worth to you if you could take them in hard cash, remembering too of course that if you’re holding one and the firm goes bust, they’re often worthless. Imagine a friend was willing to sell you their £100 gift card (for personal use not to resell). How much would you pay for it (answer from as many of the following options as you like)?

Do you still print photos?

'Selfies', holiday snaps, and even 'ussies' are posted on social media quicker than you can say, "cheese!", but have you fallen out of favour with the local photo developer? Do you tend to hoard your images on your phone or computer, or do you get them printed on a regular basis? Please select ONE option CLOSEST to your views.

Can you haggle on the high street?

Back-street bazaars aren't the only places you can haggle in. Whether it's asking 'em to throw in some extras to negotiating a discount, you can haggle successfully on Britain's high streets. Please let us know how you got on, and ONLY VOTE FOR SHOPS YOU'VE TRIED TO HAGGLE IN. Click as many stores as you like.