How do you rate your bank account's service?

We run this poll on big banks' current accounts every six months to see how the experience changes. We’d love your feedback. Please vote based on CUSTOMER SERVICE for your main CURRENT account over the last SIX MONTHS. Please ignore rates or any other products, or service from before six months ago.

What have you taken from a hotel room?

Many see a hotel room as a free-for-all. They don't just use things while they're there - once they leave, they take all they can, sometimes crossing the border of legality. Tick each of the items you've taken from a hotel room (without specifically paying for it).

Is your energy company's service any good?

There have been more horrid reports of energy firm billing errors. We regularly ask for your feedback on firms, and have brought this poll forward to see how big the issues are. Please rate your current supplier’s SERVICE (not price) over the last SIX MONTHS (or less if you’ve recently switched). If you’ve gas and electricity with different firms, please vote for both.

Are you allowed to buy cheap school uniforms?

Does your child's school let you buy from supermarkets, or are you restricted to a specific shop? Which of these is closest to your situation? You can vote in each category if you've got children in different schools.

Train operators: who are the best and worst?

We can tell you how to save the most from Cheap Train Tickets, but to find out if they’re any good, we need your help. Taking into account your whole experience – price, speed, reliability, comfort and service – please rate the operators you’ve used regularly over the past YEAR.

How common are free flight upgrades?

Are the days of sweet-talking check-in staff to get a free upgrade to premium economy, business, or first class, long gone? Many airlines now sell spare upgrade capacity at the desk. So we want to see how common they are. Please answer the closest to your situation for flights in the past two years.

Do you travel with or without travel insurance?

We believe travel insurance is a necessity for holiday travel abroad. Yet both away and in the UK - do you risk going without it? For more help, see our Cheap Travel Insurance guide. Please select the option which is the closest to your situation.

The Annual Census

So who are MoneySavers? Rather than data-mining, we decided the politest way to find out was just to ask. Plus we thought you may like to find out a little bit more about who else uses this site (or more accurately, who uses this site and answers the polls). Welcome to the first annual MSE census. Please answer the following 10 questions.

How much of your income do you spend on your rent/mortgage?

Home is where the heart is – and it’s also at the heart of many of our bills. How big a call on your income are your housing costs? (If you’re a couple/family please answer as a group.) Please select the closest answer to how much you spend as a proportion of your HOUSEHOLD TAKE-HOME SALARY/INCOME (after tax, but include any benefits received as income).

Do you check your credit files?

In the last five years, credit checking has become far more important. It decides whether you get mortgages, contract mobiles, credit cards, even whether you can pay for energy the cheapest way. One small error on your files, which are held at Callcredit, Equifax and Experian, can cause havoc. So how often do you check? Which is the nearest to your situation? PS. For help, see how to boost your credit score.