What’s your favourite Christmas song?

It's Christmas, so for this week's poll, we're forgetting about money and going for a bit of fun. We've selected some of the most loved Christmas songs – choosing the best-known version – and we'd like you to pick your favourites. Please vote for your FAVOURITE THREE (if yours is missing, feel free to vent in the forum discussion).

If you could cancel Christmas, would you?

Christmas is nearly here. For some it conjures a picture of family, fun and festive frivolity; for others it means stress, present pressure, debt and chores (see Martin's Ban Unnecessary Christmas Presents blog). So if you had a CANCEL CHRISTMAS button that'd make the whole thing disappear (and just add days to your holiday entitlement), would you press it?

How much of your Christmas shopping is now done online?

We've just a couple of weeks to go until the big day - but with reports of shoppers abandoning the high street in favour of shopping online, will you be buying your Christmas gifts in store or from the web? Please select one option CLOSEST to your view. (Count click-and-collect as online shopping, and exclude Xmas groceries completely.)

How do you rate your energy provider’s recent service?

Winter's here, the heating's on and while we're all about slashing energy bills (do a five-min comparison to see if you can save), we know service counts too. So twice a year we test recent customer service. Please rate your current supplier's SERVICE (not price) IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS (try to forget issues from before). If you've gas & electricity with different firms, rate both.

Should 1950s WASPI women be compensated?

Up to 3.8 million women born in the 1950s had been due to get the state pension at age 60. But legislation changes as recently as 2011 mean many will receive theirs up to six years later – some didn't hear about this until too close to retirement and say they hadn't had time (or in some cases, the means) to prepare for this delay. Labour proposes to compensate the women affected, costing the state £58 billion over five years. Boris Johnson said in a leaders' debate that while he sympathised, he couldn't promise 1950s women the money. Which of these levels of compensation, if any, is CLOSEST to your view?

Have you haggled on the high street in the last year?

Haggling isn't just reserved for call centres and market stalls, some even do it at high street chains. If you have, did you succeed? Whether it's asking 'em to throw in extras or negotiating a discount, let us know. Please answer for all the following stores you have tried to haggle in WITHIN THE LAST 12 MONTHS.

The MSE Leaders’ Debate 2019 – Pick key issues for PM candidates

Each general election, we run the MSE Leaders' Debate – where we put key consumer finance questions to party leaders. This time we hope to get Jonathan Bartley/Siân Berry (Green), Jeremy Corbyn (Labour), Nigel Farage (Brexit), Boris Johnson (Conservative), Adam Price (Plaid Cymru), Nicola Sturgeon (SNP) and Jo Swinson (Lib Dems). The questions below are a mix of ours and those suggested by you, the MSE users. Help us narrow them down – at least the top five will be included. Please choose up to five issues you'd pick.

Should the higher 40% tax band start at £50,000?

Currently, for most in England/Wales/Northern Ireland, you pay annual income tax like this (Scotland is a little different, see our income tax calculator for detailed info): - Up to £12,500 is your tax-free PERSONAL ALLOWANCE. - Above £12,500 and up to £50,000, the BASIC 20% tax is taken. - Above £50,000 and up to £150,000, the HIGHER 40% tax is taken. - Above £150,000, the TOP 45% tax is taken (and you've lost your personal allowance). While there's a huge number of variables, if you could only move the 40% rate (41% in Scotland) to be fair to individuals and provide revenue for the nation, which of these is closest to where you'd place it?

Take our life skills test

For this week's poll, we thought it would be interesting to see how many of these 21st century life skills you can actually do, pitting the younger generation against the older generation. Please tick ALL you feel you could do to a competent level.

Brexit – what should happen now?

It's nearly three and a half years since the UK voted to leave the EU. The next ‘must leave by’ deadline is 31 October. There’s now (another) deal on the table. What do you think the right thing to happen now would be? There are many possibilities but which of these is CLOSEST to your view… PS: It's likely the proportion of leave/remain voters won't match the actual vote, as this isn't a statistical sample of the UK population. More interesting is how each group of voters now feels.