How much of your shopping is now online?

Online shopping has been growing in popularity for years – and when the pandemic first hit, many only went out for essentials, so a lot of us relied on it much more than usual. But now stores have reopened, what proportion of your shopping is done online vs in stores? (Count click-and-collect as online shopping.)

Will you be travelling abroad over the next year?

International travel has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. And while some travel restrictions have now been lifted, others are still in place. As the current situation continues to shift, some are starting to look further ahead. This week, we want to know if you're planning to head abroad over the next year.

How much are you worth (or do you owe)?

While many are struggling as a result of the coronavirus crisis, others are saving and repaying debts much faster than before. So this week, we're looking to get a snapshot of the nation's finances.

How do you rate your broadband provider?

We can tell you which are the cheapest broadband providers, but to keep our customer service ratings updated, we need your help. Tell us how you rate your broadband provider's service over the last six months.

Are you 'eating out to help out'?

The Government's 'Eat Out to Help Out' scheme gives a 50% discount up to £10 per person on sit-down meals out from Monday to Wednesday throughout August. But have you used it and, if so, where?

How do you rate your bank account's service?

The current account switching market is heating up again, with the first switching bribe we’ve seen in five months launching this week. And while we can spot the hottest deals, every six months we ask for your help to track the quality of customer service provided by banks. Please tell us how your bank's customer service has been.

Are you working from home – and would you like to keep doing so?

With guidance on working from home now being relaxed around the UK, we want to know if you’ve been working from home over the past few months. And, if you have, would you like to keep doing so when the pandemic ends?

With lockdown easing, what sorts of places are you comfortable going to?

As the UK's lockdown eases, places such as pubs, museums and hairdressers are reopening. And with more restrictions to be lifted over the next few weeks, we want to know which places you feel comfortable returning to – and which ones you'd still rather avoid.

How have your monthly outgoings changed during lockdown?

The UK lockdown has caused a big shift in spending patterns for millions of households. This week, we want to know which of your monthly outgoings have changed – and how – since the pandemic struck.

Which loyalty schemes do you use?

With M&S overhauling its Sparks card scheme, we want to know which high street and supermarket loyalty schemes you're signed up to – and how often you actually use 'em.