MoneySaving Polls Results Archive

Would you admit to being scammed?
Scams are getting more professional. Nearly 1 in 5 are now complex, polished and involve legal and financial elements. We all need to guard ourselves – see 30+ Ways to Stop Scams. However, some are embarrassed that they’ve been scammed and don’t admit it. Which of these is CLOSEST to your view?

Should the railways be renationalised?
We used to let the train take the strain – though in the last few weeks rail chaos has meant it’s been the cause of it. Privatisation over 20 years ago means our trains are currently run by 30 private rail firms. Could renationalising – taking it all back into public ownership – be the solution? It’s a complex debate, so just opt for which of these is CLOSEST to your view.

How do you rate your banks' apps?
More and more of us now bank or save by app, so we want you to rate yours. Please vote for ALL THE APPS that you've used. NOTE: When we say standard features we mean it only has the likes of account details and transactions. Lots of features means it offers extras such as budgeting and categorising your spending.

Is travel insurance a must-buy for a holiday?
We believe you should get travel insurance ASAB (As Soon As you've Booked) as you're then covered if you have to cancel any time BEFORE your holiday begins. Yet whether you're going abroad or staying in the UK, do you risk going without it? For more help, see our Cheap Travel Insurance guide. Please select the option which is the closest for your next holiday.

How do you rate your energy provider’s recent service?
Now it’s warmed up, it’s a good time to reappraise what your energy provider’s service was like over the winter. Please rate your current supplier's SERVICE (not price) IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS (try to forget issues from before). If you've gas & elec with different firms, rate both. (And while service is important, so too is price - so do a five-min comparison to see if you can save.)

Is it time to revalue Britain’s council tax bands?
In England and Scotland your council tax band depends on your home’s value in 1991 (Wales 2005), when the last (and only) valuation was done. It’s likely 100,000s of homes are in the wrong band as drive-by 'second-gear valuations' were commonplace. (See our Council Tax Check & Challenge guide.) However, redoing it would likely see widespread changes to valuations and risk some paying substantially more (others less). Is it worth it? Some may argue the whole system should be scrapped, but that’s a different poll. So… Please choose the option closest to your view:

How much are you worth (or do you owe)?
So are we a nation of savers or debtors?  Take any unsecured debt (ie, EXCLUDING ANY MORTGAGE/STUDENT LOAN) away from any savings and where do you end up? Whether you've "net worth" or "net debt", pick your relevant option:

When did you last switch bank account?
Whether you want better service, better rates or just free cash – changing your day to day bank account can be well worth doing (see Best bank accounts). But have you done it?… When did you last switch bank account? Please choose the option CLOSEST to your situation.

What do you buy second hand?
It's cheap, and environmentally friendly, yet some people think only new will do. Please select ALL of the items that you would be happy to buy second hand, if it was decent quality and cheaper.

Have you ever asked for a pay rise?
Pay is big news, with many bigger companies having to report their gender pay gap. Normally in the consumer world if you’re unhappy with something, you should politely complain. We wanted to test whether this applies in the world of work too. Have you ever asked for a pay rise (disregarding any company-wide annual rises)? Please select the CLOSEST option to your situation.

What have you taken from a hotel room?
You’ve had a stay, used the room, the water, and the sheets. Yet did you leave empty-handed? Whether it’s complimentary shower gels, tea bags or towels, we want to know what you’ve taken away, with or without permission (whether explicit or assumed). Of course some of the things taken are downright dodgy - we very much don’t condone theft - we just want to know if you’ve done it. Please tick all of the items you’ve trousered from a hotel room without specifically paying for them.

When did you last use your bank branch?
Whether it's down to customer behaviour, cost-cutting or both, banks are closing branches left, right and centre. This year alone, RBS/NatWest is to close 259 across the country - a quarter of its network. So this week, we wanted to know when you last used your main bank's branch. We last did this poll a year ago, so let's see if things have changed. Please select ONE option under the relevant category.

How far have you climbed up the property ladder?
UK house prices have risen seven times faster than the average young worker salary since the 1990s, making homes far less affordable now than they used to be, especially for young people. So please select the option CLOSEST to your situation. If in a couple and you own together, answer for you both.

Have you planned how to finance your funeral?
Funerals/cremations can cost more than £5,000 – and if not planned for can leave stress and cost for family. So we wanted to find out what preparation you have done. Please select the NEAREST option to your view.

Are you part of the cashless society? How often do you use cash?
For some, the days of pockets stuffed with cash are long gone. Contactless cards especially have meant now even small transactions can just be done with a ‘beep’. So we wanted to test how cashless our society is now, and who’s using it. Please tell us which option is NEAREST to your situation.

Energy smart meters: Great tech or a pain in the neck?
Over eight million energy smart meters have been rolled out. They automatically send meter readings to your supplier for you, so you don’t have to. Yet many have issues, including the fact that if you switch, they revert to being ‘dumb’ meters. See our Smart Meter guide. So what’s your opinion? Please select ALL the options that are closest to your view under the relevant category.

How do you rate your broadband provider?
We can tell you which the cheapest broadband providers are, but to keep the customer service ratings updated, we need your help. Please rate your BROADBAND provider on customer service (not price) over the past SIX MONTHS. Switched broadband recently? Rate the provider you were with the longest over the last SIX MONTHS.

How do you rate your bank account's service?
Every six months we ask for your help to track the quality of customer service provided by banks. By comparing your answers with last time, we can see which have got better or worse. So, please vote based on CUSTOMER SERVICE for your main CURRENT account over the last SIX MONTHS. Ignore rates or any other products, and service if it's more than six months old.

Is it OK to use a 2for1 voucher on a first date?
It’s Valentine’s, so we want to know if it’s acceptable to use a 2for1 restaurant voucher on a first date. We’ve asked this over previous years - so let’s see if attitudes have changed. (PS: Yes we know splitting the bill/the woman paying are more than valid options, but that’s a poll for another day…) Imagine Robert asks Ashley to dinner on a first date, saying he’ll pay. When the bill comes, he pulls out a 2for1 voucher – what advice would you give Ashley?

Will you spend on Valentine’s? If so, how much?
Depending on your view… either love is in the air on Valentine’s Day, or we’re all victims of a commercial construct to push us to pay money to demonstrate our affection. So let’s see how much you’re planning to spend. Please estimate your total spend for Valentine’s and all related activities (incl presents, special dinners, outings, trips etc).

Do you have a will? If not, why not?
If you want to dictate where your assets go when you die, you need a will. Die without one and on top of the grief, it can cause a financial nightmare for the people you care about. A will can be made cheaply, and sometimes for free (see our Cheap Wills guide). So do you have a will and if not, why not? Please select ALL of the options that apply to you. PS: Thanks to @JodieRamsdens for suggesting this.

Are you data greedy? How much do you use on your mobile?
With the growing use of social networks, streaming services, gaming and more all done on mobiles, we wanted to see how much data you crunch in a month. How much data (via your 3G or 4G signal not Wi-Fi) do you USE in a typical month? If unsure, check your data usage settings or your mobile bill.

How much are your basic necessary outgoings each year?
Martin often suggests you keep three to six months’ worth of basic outgoings as an emergency cash fund if you’re debt-free. So we want to find out how much this is for most people. How much do you spend on necessities in a year – incl rent/mortgage, basic food, energy bills, council tax, water bills, credit card/loan repayments?

Do you pay cash in hand for any of these services?
With an increased focus on tax collection, investigations have shown billions of extra revenue could be collected if there were more formal payments for casual work. Yet in many industries cash in hand is still commonplace. Which of the following would you typically pay cash in hand for? For services you use REGULARLY please select whether you pay cash in hand or in a traceable way (eg, cash with receipt/invoice or via cheque, card or bank transfer).

Parcel delivery firms: which are the best and worst?
Now the festive season is over, Santa finally has the chance to rest, yet for parcel delivery firms (which helped) it's business as usual. Over the past few years we've heard a variety of horror stories ranging from no-shows, mis-delivered parcels and even items being left in the bin. So it’s time for our fifth annual poll to sort the good guys from the cowboys... Please rate your experience with each of these firms DURING THE LAST YEAR (don’t rate if you haven’t experienced their services).