How do you rate your bank's app?

If you access your current account by app, please rate it. Just the app, not the bank overall (if you use more than one app, rate them all).

Energy smart meters: Great tech or a pain in the neck?

The smart meter rollout is resuming as the UK’s lockdown gradually eases, and over 21 million meters have been installed so far. They automatically send meter readings to your supplier so you don’t have to. Yet they're not without issues – for example, some will still revert to being ‘dumb’ if you switch. So, what’s your opinion of them?

When will you next go out shopping for 'non-essentials'?

‘Non-essential’ shops – selling clothes, books, electronics and more – are now reopening across England and Northern Ireland, with those in Scotland and Wales expected to follow soon. But social distancing rules mean a very different retail experience for many. So, when do you expect to next head out to shop for non-essentials – and what will you buy?

Have you got a summer holiday booked?

It’s (meteorological) summer – getaway season. But coronavirus has devastated the travel industry, with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office still warning Brits against all non-essential foreign trips. So this week, we want to know what your holiday plans are – and how they’ve changed in light of the pandemic.

When did you last check your credit file?

Your credit file can strongly influence whether you get a particular mortgage, credit card deal, mobile phone contract or cheap energy tariff, and sometimes even the rate. So a small error on your files at credit reference agencies Experian, Equifax and TransUnion can cause havoc – but when did you last check yours?

When did you last move your savings?

Savings rates have plummeted since the UK base rate was cut to a historic low of 0.1% in March. Yet we know switching savings isn't everyone's top priority – so when was the last time you moved your cash into a higher-paying account?

How do you rate the online education your kids are getting?

School's out for millions of children and young people across the UK (though not all), with many parents relying on online teaching and resources to keep kids learning during lockdown. This week, we want to know how you're finding the remote education your kids are getting.

Do you eat food past its best-before date?

With most of us having to limit trips to the supermarket and some cupboard staples in short supply, cutting down on food waste has never been more important. So when you find food at home past its best-before date, what do you do?

When did you last switch your energy provider or tariff?

With many feeling the financial squeeze caused by coronavirus and looking to cut their monthly bills, switching to a new energy provider (or at least to a new deal with your existing provider) is an easy way to save £££s. But when did you last do it – and if it's been a while, why?

How much are your typical monthly bills?

As the UK lockdown continues, many are using the extra time at home to review household finances and cut costs where they can. So this week, we want to know how much you USUALLY spend on household bills every month - and how this has changed since the pandemic struck.