When did you last make a call on your home landline?

To get broadband at home, you often need to have a landline as well. But with many increasingly turning to new methods of communication, from video calls to group messaging, this week we want to know when you last used your landline to make or receive a call.

Are you an app, web or branch banker?

With more of us banking remotely during the pandemic, and bank branches continuing to shut, it seems the digital revolution is taking over for many. So this week, we want to know how you now access your bank.

Have you haggled with Sky, BT, the AA or others this year? Did you succeed?

Haggling can result in big savings – on anything from digital TV and broadband to credit cards, breakdown cover and insurance. Each year we try to gauge the success rates of those who've done it. So please let us know whether you've gained cheaper prices, extra goods, better deals or reduced interest.

Are you part of the cashless society? How often do you use cash?

The pandemic has accelerated the decline of cash, with the use of contactless cards soaring and more ATMs shutting every day. This week, we want to find out how cashless our society is now – and how many still prefer using it.

The MoneySavingExpert.com Annual Census

Do you just head to Amazon when you shop online?

Retail giant Amazon reportedly accounted for nearly a third of all online spending in the UK last year – suggesting it’s the first port of call for many. In 2018, our poll found many of those with Amazon Prime, and some of those without, head straight to Amazon to shop without comparing prices elsewhere. Now we want to see if that’s changed.

How do you prefer to contact customer services?

Many firms’ phonelines have been overwhelmed during the pandemic. Faced with long waits on the phone, some are trying different contact methods for the first time. This week, we want to know which you like best.

When did you last switch your bank account?

The current account switching market is heating up, with some banks once again offering cash bonuses for switching. So whether you want better service, interest on your savings or just free cash – changing your day-to-day bank account can be well worth doing. But when did you last do it?

Have you changed your pension contributions during the pandemic?

Coronavirus has had a significant impact – sometimes negative, sometimes positive – on many people's finances. This week, we want to know how pension contributions may have changed as a result. So have you altered what you contribute, and if so, how?

How do you rate your mobile network's service and coverage?

We want to find out how each provider rates both for service (how they treat you) and coverage (how strong the signal is when you need it). Please let us know in this week's poll.