KFC MoneySaving hacks

Including how to claim a 'free' bucket of chicken and why you should avoid ordering for delivery

If you're particularly egg-cited for your Kentucky-fried fix of chicken, we've hatched some compre-hen-sive MoneySaving tips and tricks to save you a clucking fortune so you can build on that nest egg.

Of course, KFC isn't the healthiest of grub, so if you want to continue looking like a spring chicken then we're not suggesting you try all of these (please eat responsibly), but hopefully you'll find at least one way to save a few quid.


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  1. Head to the app for deals, offers and to 'win' rewards

    Like most fast food apps these days, the KFC app (available on Apple and Android) is a good place to find the majority of its deals and offers. You can also sign up to its 'Rewards Arcade' – which is KFC's loyalty scheme where you can win 'free' rewards by playing one of several arcade-style games when you make a qualifying spend (see our news story for more details on how it works).

    New members to the app can get a freebie, just for signing up, referred to as a 'First Bucket on Us' offer. While these deals change frequently, we were offered a bucket of eight mini fillets for 'free' (normally you can get a bucket of 10 mini fillets £6.99) – though it's worth noting there was a minimum spend of £10 and this order had to be a delivery meaning an extra £2.99 on top for the delivery charge, and also a 99p service fee. So, these offers are only MoneySaving if you were planning on making an order for delivery anyway.

  2. Students can get a free £2.99 Snack Bucket with a £3+ spend

    If you're a student and signed up to the discount scheme Student Beans, you can a free Snack Box (norm £1.99) when you spend £3 or more in a single transaction at KFC.

    You'll need to have a valid Student Beans ID (register for free if you don't already) and then you'll also need to register a free account at KFC and link both.

    To do this, go to the 'My Account' section of the KFC app and enter your Student Beans ID. You'll then see a barcode within the app which you can show at the restaurant to get the 'freebie'.

    For more student MoneySaving, see our Student Checklist guide.

  3. If you're eating with others and all like boneless chicken, be smart with your order

    Don't presume a box meal or bucket for one will always give you best value for money, especially when getting your chicken fix with friends and family. If boneless chicken is your thing, you may opt for the Boneless Meal which contains three mini fillets, a dip, regular fries and a drink for £7.49. However, if you all fancy boneless chicken, and there's three of you in total all eating, don't all opt for three Boneless Meals (which would cost you £22.47 in total). Instead, order 10 mini fillets for £6.99 from the Sharing Buckets part of the menu (presuming you have three fillets each). Then add on three lots of regular fries for £1.89 each (£5.67 in total), three dips for 50p each (£1.50 in total) and a 1.5l bottle of drink for £3.49 to share among you all, and your meal is the exact same but for £17.95 split by three, so £5.98 each.

    That's not only a saving of £1.51 each, but there's also a spare mini fillet left over – though we'll leave it to you to argue over who gets it.

  4. Watch out for seasonal deals

    Tuesday is already our favourite day of the week at MoneySavingExpert as that's when our famous Money Tips email goes out. During the summer, Tuesdays get even better as KFC run an offer exclusively on that day.

    And while we're sadly out of the summer season, this doesn't mean we're out of deals. Currently, if you visit your local KFC or order for click & collect, you can get Zinger Duo (Zinger Burger with two hot wings) for £3.99 (normally £9.99). Like many of these seasonal offers, you'll have to be quick to get your fried fix as the deal is only available until Sunday 17 March.

    If you're not fussy on what you want to order from KFC, it's always worth checking for short-term offers like these and seeing how much of saving you could make.

  5. Choose the right delivery service to save up to £2.30

    Depending on where you live, you can get KFC delivered to your home via three of the big delivery services – Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats. If you're in an area where more than one service operates, then it's worth checking each one to see which is the cheapest.

    When we checked (Thursday 8 June), though menu prices were the same across all three, the final totals ended up quite different when you factor in service charges, delivery etc. Here are two examples below:

    At most, the final difference in cost was £2.30. Ultimately, there's no reason to pay more for the exact same items, so a quick price comparison is worth it.

    It's worth noting that even when you choose the cheapest of the delivery services, you're still paying a premium compared to what you'd pay if you picked up your order at the restaurant. For example, a fillet burger meal is £5.99 at the restaurant but when we checked via Just Eat and Uber Eats it was £6.49, and via Deliveroo it £7.99 – a markup of up to £2.

  6. But if you can, avoid delivery as it hikes the prices

    Perhaps an obvious hack, but don't pay more for the convenience of delivery. Below shows the prices of sides such as fries and gravy as advertised on KFC's Menu online (prices correct Wednesday 26 July).

    But when we placed an order for delivery on the app, prices shot up. In fact, both a regular portion of fries and regular portion of gravy cost 60p more. And that's without the added cost of delivery, minimum order spends or small order fees and service fees.

  7. Try the Twister Wrap of the Day on weekdays for under £2

    There's not many things £2 can buy you these days, but on weekdays, for £1.98, you'll be able to get the KFC Twister Wrap. The trick here is to eat with the days, as there is a different flavour at the discounted price from Monday to Friday, whereas usually this would cost £5.99 - so if you're not fussy with your flavours this is a great way to save more than 50% on a wrap.

  8. Hold on to your receipt for a free snack or side when you complete a quick survey

    At the bottom of every KFC receipt, there’s a note about an online survey you can fill in, giving feedback about your experience. It only takes a few minutes to complete and you'll get a code for a free snack or side with your next spend of £5 or more, valid until 30 days after the date on your receipt.

    To get the discount, write the code at the bottom of your receipt on the dotted line and hand it over at the restaurant when you’ve placed your order. Of course, you should then get a fresh receipt and be able to claim the discount again on your next visit, if it's within 30 days.

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