The company that runs the free X Factor voting system has pledged to have 30,000 lines available this weekend despite you being unable to vote for nothing last time out. failed to attract a sponsor for last Saturday and Sunday's double-header, meaning fans had to pay from 35p per minute to support their favourite act on the third week of voting for the ITV 1 talent show (see the Free X Factor Voting guide).

However, the telecoms company founder Mark Hillman has promised you will be able to vote for free this weekend. He says his firm has got a sponsor in place but won't reveal its name.

He says: "It will 100% be live next weekend as we have a sponsor."

The system worked well when tested the voting lines in week one and two of the live shows for the X Factor, which has produced stars such as Leona Lewis (above, right).

How to vote for free

You'll need to search the Free2call website to find the number of your favourite act on the weekend. You'll also need to have inclusive mobile or landline minutes available (see the Home Phones and Cheap Mobiles guides).

If lines are unavailable, all you've lost is a few seconds logging onto a website.

How is it free?

You dial an 03 number and listen to a 15-second advert before being diverted to X Factor's official lines.

You'll only pay a local call rate to vote but as 03 numbers are part of landline and mobile phones inclusive call packages, you may pay nothing.

Anyone else, including those on pay as you go tariffs, will pay the cost of a local call.

Part of the advertising revenue the website gains pays the full cost of the call, so X Factor doesn't lose out.

Is it legit?

Telecoms regulator Ofcom says "the service seems to be compliant with relevant rules".

X Factor has confirmed votes will be counted using Free2call's service, provided callers hear the official voting confirmation at the end of the call.

Free2call plans to extend the service to free voting for the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing show, but has yet to find a sponsor for it.

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