Goldfish credit card customers have less than a month to cash in their points before their rewards are slashed in half.

From 1 August, the 500,000 Goldfish cardholders will have to accrue 3,500 points for a £10 reward, for example, double the current figure of 1,750 (see the Credit Card Rewards guide).

The cut will affect new points as well as those gained before 1 August, so Goldfish customers with a high reward balance should trade in their points before the changes come into effect.

Points earned will still be calculated at 1 point per £1 spent.

Goldfish customers are excluded from its parent company Barclaycard's Freedom rewards scheme, which offers customers up to 1% of their money back from purchases as rewards, but only via selected stores (see the Barclaycard Freedom MSE News story).

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