Shoppers who are prepared to haggle save over £200 a year, a survey reveals.

One in four are happy to haggle, while the 76% who don't are potentially wasting over £8 billion a year, it is claimed (see the Haggle on the high street guide).

Men are twice as likely to seek a bargain with 34% prepared to haggle, compared with 15% of women.

Online price finder tool Invisible Hand found shoppers who aren't afraid to quibble saved roughly £220 last year.

The research also found haggling habits differ between age groups with 36% of shoppers aged between 45 and 54, and 39% of those aged 55 or over, happy to strike a bargain compared with only 19% of 25 to 34-year-olds who would do the same.

MoneySavers regularly report haggling success by cutting the cost of digital TV, getting cheaper insurance, paying less for their mobiles and paying less over-the-counter.'s top five haggling tips:

  1. Get it to chuck something else in. Whether it's free batteries with electricals, polish with shoes or a router for broadband, if you need an add-on, try not to pay extra for it.

  2. Look for already discounted items. If the price is already reduced there is often more flexibility for pushing the price down further as the retailer knows it cannot get the full price.

  3. Ask to speak to a senior member of staff as they have more discretion than most of the shop staff. The mistake is going right to the top as that person will generally be short of time and not bothered by one small sale.

  4. Haggle with an existing provider. Whether it's digital TV subscription, a mobile phone contract or car insurance. When you're nearing the end of your contract, the provider will want to keep your custom.

  5. Do your research first and set a target price. Carry out research using price comparison sites to see which has the best deal. Also check what offers have recently been on as it could show there is room for negotiation. If it isn't the price you're after, just walk away.

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