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Orange launches first pay-by-mobile system

Orange has launched the UK's first system that enables shoppers to pay for goods with their mobile phone

20 May 2011

Now Scottish & Southern Energy hints at price rises

Households were dealt a further blow today after a second major energy firm, this time SSE, hinted at more gas and electricity price rises

20 May 2011

Guest Comment: Bank charges fight still alive

Bank charges reclaiming has largely fallen off the radar but Mike Dailly, from the Govan Law Centre, says it's not over

20 May 2011

Now you must have car insurance

The Continuous Insurance Enforcement scheme makes it an offence to keep an active, uninsured vehicle.

20 May 2011

Government to review train fares

The Government will review rail fares to simplify the system, but it could lead to some price hikes

19 May 2011

Tesco re-opens temporary 'double the difference' window

Tesco will briefly re-launch the offer that gives cashback if a basket of shopping is cheaper at Asda, after an ad error

19 May 2011

Emergency firm Homecall+ goes bust: your rights

Thousands of homeowners could be left without full cover after home emergency insurance provider Homecall+ went bust

19 May 2011

Claimants protected under insurance overhaul

Insurers will no longer be able to refuse claims where they've failed to ask the right questions, under government plans

18 May 2011

Millions at risk as EHICs expire

Six million European Health Insurance cards are due to expire in the first half of 2011 alone

18 May 2011

RBS and Natwest move to fairer overseas credit card fees

RBS & Natwest will stop levying their own, expensive exchange rate, which can add 2% extra to costs

18 May 2011

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