Update, 28 Nov, 12pm: Sainsbury's has changed its mind and will now cut up to 3p per litre off petrol at all its forecourts tomorrow, although the cost of diesel will remain unchanged. Sainsbury's prices vary nationwide.

Asda and Tesco will cut the price of petrol tomorrow, but this hasn't led to a price war among the major supermarkets, while the cost of diesel remains unchanged at both.

Tesco is dropping the price of unleaded petrol by up to 3p per litre tomorrow morning, while Asda is cutting 2p off the price of unleaded.

Asda drivers will pay a maximum 129.7p per litre. Tesco prices vary nationwide.

Rivals Morrisons and Sainsbury's say they have no plans to make any immediate cuts. Usually, when one supermarket slashes costs the other three follow.

The reductions do not necessarily mean any of the supermarkets will become the cheapest provider. The website Petrolprices.com lists the cheapest in your area.

The site reports average petrol prices on Monday were 134.55p per litre, while the average diesel cost was 141.48p per litre.

This is slightly down on 6 November, when petrol was 136.5p per litre on average, with diesel at 143.06p. That week also saw supermarkets cut fuel prices.