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Tech error means some Asda delivery passes were cancelled before they were due to expire - here's what you need to know

Asda has admitted that some shoppers have had their delivery passes cancelled prematurely by mistake - with some still having three months left on them to use. Here's what you need to know, plus how the big four supermarket giants' delivery pass schemes stack-up.

12 May 2022

28 Asda convenience stores to open at petrol stations across the UK - here's the full list

Supermarket giant ASDA is set to open some 28 convenience stores at various petrol station locations across the UK later this year. It has already opened five of these stores as part of a trial run.

7 September 2021

Last chance to claim Asda Price Guarantee vouchers

The Asda Price Guarantee is closing today - so if you want to get vouchers, do so today

3 October 2018

'Womblers' hit out at Asda's decision to axe price guarantee

Womblers often made £100s from the Asda Price Guarantee

6 September 2018

Asda Price Guarantee to be scrapped... marking the end of 'wombling'

The scheme will close from 3 October

5 September 2018

Asda trials new temporary £99 card charge for 'pay at the pump' customers

Supermarket giant Asda is trialling putting a £99 pre-authorisation hold on the cards of customers

9 May 2018

Asda HALTS trial of temporary £99 'pay at the pump' charge at petrol stations

Asda has suspended a new £99 pre-authorisation hold on the cards of customers who pay for fuel at the pump

9 May 2018

Asda credit card rewards to be slashed

Asda Money is to cut the amount of credit card 'cashback' you can earn on non-Asda spending by more than half

26 February 2018

Asda to axe 5p plastic bags

Asda has become the latest supermarket to announce it's scrapping 5p plastic bags - and it's making changes to its cafes

6 February 2018

'Wombler' pays 67p for £41 of shopping

A savvy shopper who bagged £41 of shopping for 67p by 'wombling' for thrown away ASDA receipts

23 January 2018