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Asda shopper? Christmas delivery slot bookings are now open – here's what you need to know

If you're planning to buy your Christmas food shop from Asda, you can now book your delivery slot as bookings have opened today (Tuesday 10 October).

10 October 2023

Asda, Morrisons and Tesco among supermarkets limiting fruit and veg sales – here's what you need to know

Major supermarkets including Asda and Tesco are currently imposing restrictions on fruit and vegetable purchases due to supply shortages. In many cases you'll only be able to buy a limited number of each item.

28 February 2023

Asda launches first-ever loyalty scheme offering discounts on groceries – here's how it works

Asda has rolled out its 'Asda Rewards' loyalty scheme nationwide after trialling it in a small number of stores in England.

27 January 2023

Asda increases security on its loyalty app after shoppers complain of 'missing' cash rewards

It comes after many of Asda's loyalty scheme users complained that cash saved in the app had disappeared, and in some cases had been spent in stores miles away from their homes.

10 January 2023

Book your Christmas delivery slots now with spots opening at Asda and Sainsbury's - here's when and how to do it

If you're planning to order your Christmas food shop online we've rounded-up the key dates major supermarkets will let you book from.

6 December 2022

Asda loyalty scheme users complain of 'missing' cash rewards and points spent miles away from their homes - here's how to check your account

An increasing number of Asda loyalty scheme users have complained that cash saved in their 'Asda Rewards' app has seemingly disappeared, and in some cases been spent in stores miles away from their homes. Asda says there hasn't been a data breach, but it's worth checking your balance and ensuring you use different passwords for online accounts.

1 December 2022

Asda Mobile hiking pay-as-you-go call, text and data costs from today – here's how to beat the increases

New and existing Asda Mobile pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customers will be charged more for calls, texts and data from today (26 September), with the provider hiking prices by at least 150%.

26 September 2022

Sainsbury's becomes latest supermarket to scrap 'best before' dates on fruit and veg - here's what other stores are doing too

Asda has become the latest supermarket to scrap 'best before' dates on fruit and veg in a bid to cut down on food waste. It joins Marks & Spencer which axed the labels in July, and also Waitrose which will can them from September. Food can still be eaten after its best before date, yet many people throw items away in confusion.

8 September 2022

Asda shoppers can earn cashback with new rewards card – here’s how it stacks up

Asda has teamed up with Jaja Finance to launch the Asda Money Credit Card, which offers cashback on purchases at Asda and elsewhere. The cashback can only spent at Asda though. Below we explain the pros and cons and compare the new deal to other rewards options - where it's largely beaten.

15 August 2022

Boots and Co-op hike meal deal prices - here's how they compare to other major supermarkets

Boots and Co-op are the latest retailers to increase the price of their meal deals. Boots has upped costs from £3.39 to £3.59, and from £3.99 to £4.19 in its London shops, while Co-op's meal deal has jumped from £3.50 to £3.75.

19 May 2022