Sky TV customers could be hit by an up to 10% price hike from 1 September, the firm has announced on its website.

The TV giant has posted online that prices for subscribers locked into a minimum contract term, which is generally anyone within the first year of their contract, will rise by up to 10% from 1 September (see our Digital TV Deals guide for the best offers).

However Sky wouldn't tell us exactly which TV subscribers are affected, or how many customers will be hit by the increase. It says it is writing letters to customers in July outlining the price change and until it's informed its users it won't give us any more information.

Here's what the firm would tell us:

  • The price rise will only "impact some Sky TV users" locked into a minimum contract term.
  • While the disclaimer on Sky's website says "in accordance with our standard terms, your Sky TV package may rise by up to 10%", it is unclear as yet what the rise will actually be.
  • Sky line rental and broadband prices are unaffected by the TV price change. So if you've a Sky TV bundle as well as line rental or broadband and you're one of the customers affected, only the TV part of your package will increase.'s senior consumer analyst, Sally Francis says: "An up to 10% price rise is a substantial increase, especially when some Sky TV packages can cost around £70/month as it stands – this'll take bills to nearly £80 a month.

"Customers should be given plenty of warning before the increases hit – and be offered a way out if it becomes unaffordable."

A Sky spokesperson says: "We work hard to keep any rises to a minimum, ensuring we continue to offer our customers great value. We will be writing to customers in July outlining any changes."