Supermarket Sainsbury's has started a petrol price war after announcing it will cut the cost of petrol and diesel by up to 5p/litre from tomorrow.

Tesco was quick to follow suit saying it too would cut the cost of petrol and diesel fall by up to 5p/litre from tomorrow, while Asda has announced it will cut the cost of unleaded by up to 1p/litre and diesel by up to 2p/litre.

As Asda sets a national price cap across its 232 forecourts, drivers will pay no more than 124.7p/litre for petrol and no more than 128.7p/litre for diesel from tomorrow.

Sainsbury's and Tesco don't have national price caps, so their pump prices vary regionally.

Morrisons says it won't be cutting prices as it "already offers some of the cheapest fuel in the country", but adds that it will evaluate price levels to ensure it remains competitive.

But tomorrow's price cuts won't necessarily mean Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco are the cheapest providers. To find the lowest price in your area, use the website and see our Cheap Petrol and Diesel guide for more ways to save when filling up your tank.

According to, the average UK price for a litre of diesel was 133.11p/litre on Sunday, while the cost of unleaded petrol stood at 129.00p/litre.