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Bought a secondhand mobile phone? Insuring it may prove difficult

Many providers refuse to insure mobile phones that are used, bought on auction sites, or older than 18 months

30 September 2014

Sainsbury's and Tesco to slash petrol prices by up to 5p/litre

Sainsbury's and Tesco have announced petrol and diesel price cuts of up to 5p/litre, while Asda is also dropping prices

29 September 2014

Pension inheritance penalty tax to be axed

Chancellor George Osborne has announced he will abolish a 55% penalty tax on passing on pension pots

29 September 2014

Energy suppliers told to improve 'frankly awful' satisfaction levels

Ofgem has written to the big energy suppliers demanding they take action on the poor handling of complaints

26 September 2014

Former Sky customer? You may be in line for a refund

A number of former Sky TV, broadband and home phone customers who were in credit when they left may be due a refund

25 September 2014

Pizza lovers get a massive slice of the freebie action has been inundated with success stories after featuring a loophole for unlimited free pizza

25 September 2014

Motorists to get a better deal as watchdog clamps down on comparison sites

The competition watchdog has banned pricing agreements between comparison sites and car insurers

24 September 2014

Is bank charges reclaiming back? Martin Lewis thinks it could be creator Martin Lewis says a new court ruling has a chance of reopening the floodgates

23 September 2014

The end is nigh for tax discs - how will it affect you?

You'll soon be able to make road tax payments by monthly direct debit, but you won't be able to transfer it

23 September 2014

Martin Lewis named 'most influential personal finance tweeter' founder Martin Lewis has scooped the top spot for the most influential personal finance tweeter

23 September 2014