Budget supermarket Aldi has been crowned Britain's 'most loved' retailer by users of MoneySavingExpert.com, while cut-price fashion retailer Primark has been voted the 'most loathed' company by those who took part in our online poll.

According to our week-long 'Love or Loathe' retail poll, which closed last month, Aldi is loved by 32% of the 16,615 MSE users who voted. The supermarket chain faced stiff competition from Amazon, however, which managed to secure 28% of the 'most loved' vote, despite previous criticisms of the company's tax record.

In another somewhat surprising outcome, technology giant Apple was among the most disliked retailers – coming in at joint fourth on the 'most loathed' list, along with TK Maxx.

Each of those who took part in the poll were able to vote for one store they loved and another they loathed, choosing from a total of 40 high street and online stores.

Primark topped the list of most hated stores, with 18% of users taking part claiming they loathed the fashion company, despite it being one of the cheapest shops on the list. Tesco and Currys/PC World finished joint second on the loathed list, with 17% of the vote.

Ikea appears to be the Marmite of the retail world, taking seventh position in the 'most loved' category with 11% of the vote, while at the same time being the eighth most hated brand with 8% of the 'most loathed' vote.

Poll results in full

'Most loved' retailers

Store Love Loathe
Aldi 32% 7%
Amazon 28% 7%
John Lewis 27% 2%
Marks & Spencer 18% 3%
Lidl 16% 6%
Waitrose 15% 4%
Ikea 11% 8%
Wilko 11% 2%
eBay 10% 7%
Sainsbury's 9% 3%

'Most loathed' retailers

Store Love Loathe
Primark 7% 18%
Tesco 7% 17%
Currys/PC World 7% 17%
Apple 8% 15%
TK Maxx 8% 15%
Asda 8% 12%
WH Smith 0.5% 10%
Ikea 8% 11%
BHS 11% 8%
Argos 5% 8%

What do the retailers say?

Jonathan Neale, joint managing director of corporate buying at Aldi, said: "We're delighted to be named 'Britain's Favourite Retailer' in MoneySavingExpert's latest poll. At Aldi, we're committed to providing the best possible value to our customers without compromising on quality and the findings of this consumer survey are testament to this."

We've approached Primark for comment and will update this story when we hear back.