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Waitrose to axe free newspaper perk for the majority of loyalty card holders as it tweaks membership scheme

Waitrose has again changed the terms and conditions of its loyalty card scheme, and this time round it will result in most shoppers no longer being able to get a free newspaper when using their myWaitrose card at the checkout from 23 February.

4 February 2022

Waitrose trials selling groceries without packaging

Waitrose has started a trial aimed at cutting down on packaging waste by allowing shoppers to bring their own containers

4 June 2019

Waitrose to deliver groceries while you're out

Waitrose is trialling a service where delivery drivers will be able to put customers' shopping in their kitchens - while they are out

5 October 2018

Waitrose to ditch disposable cups - for free coffee you need to bring your own

Waitrose will be removing takeaway coffee cups from all its stores by autumn

10 April 2018

Waitrose unveils new loyalty scheme

Waitrose will replace its 'pick your own' offer with a new scheme to send customers vouchers and offers through the post

8 February 2018

Waitrose to scrap 'confusing' pick-your-own-offers loyalty scheme

Waitrose is to end the 'pick your own offers' part of its loyalty scheme, as customers found it too

6 February 2018

Waitrose to axe free tea and coffee next month

Waitrose is ending its free tea and coffee perk and has announced anyone wanting the drink offer must make a purchase

21 March 2017

Shoppers short-changed by 'shrinkflation' as packets get smaller – how to beat it and keep costs low

Packet sizes of some products are getting smaller while prices are staying the same or rising, Dispatches has found

20 February 2017

Waitrose scraps its free hot drink offer in some stores – will it axe it entirely?

Members of Waitrose's loyalty cards programme are no longer able to get a totally free tea or coffee from all its stores

12 October 2016

MSE users vote Primark 'most loathed' retailer as Aldi tops list for 'most loved'

Budget supermarket Aldi has been crowned Britain's 'most loved' retailer by users of

18 April 2016