A parliamentary petition calling for an end to cold callers selling pensions and investments has been backed by almost 3,000 people so far - and MoneySavingExpert.com founder Martin Lewis has urged as many people to sign it as possible.

The petition was started by independent financial advisor Darren Cooke and has already received support from a number of his fellow IFAs, as well as pension companies and industry bodies. Martin is now seeking to raise awareness among the wider public. Sign the petition here.

It is hoped that a ban on pensions and investments cold calling would go some way to reducing the number of people who are victims of misselling.

Martin has wasted no time in throwing his support behind this latest call for action against cold callers:

The petition says: "Cold calling on investments and pensions to members of the public very often leads to unregulated investments and scams. Banning cold calling would dramatically reduce the number of people falling prey to fraudsters and losing their savings and pensions."

It currently has 2,843 signatures. If it reaches 100,000 signatures by 21 March 2017, it will be considered for debate by MPs in Parliament.

For help in stopping unwelcome cold-callers, as well as junk mail, calls and texts, see our Stop Cold Callers guide.