Sky is to make its TV packages more flexible in a major overhaul between now and January – if you're a customer, here's what you need to know.

The move will see the Original bundle replaced by Sky Entertainment, which will include 80 extra channels for the same price, and customers given more flexibility to add and remove channels.

The revamped packages are only for new customers at the moment, but will be made available to existing customers by the end of January – though you can stick with your current package if you're happy.

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How do the new packages compare to the old ones?

Here's a quick rundown of Sky's main packages:

Old packages

Bundle Standard Cost Channels and features
Original £20/mth Over 270 channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky One & Fox
Variety £32/mth Original plus entertainment, music & kids' channels
Box Sets £38/mth Variety bundle, Sky Box Sets, HD & 3D versions of included channels

As above, the Original bundle is being replaced by Sky Entertainment, and customers will be allowed the chance to add the Kids, HD or Box Sets to this basic package for £5 extra a month.

These add-ons can be removed by giving 31 days' notice – a major change to the current system which sees customers who opt for these extra channels locked in for up to 18 months. Here's what the new packages will include:

New packages

Bundle Standard Cost Channels and features
Entertainment £20/mth Over 350 channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Fox, Discovery, National Geographic & MTV
Kids Entertainment plus £5/mth Sky Entertainment plus 11 extra channels, the Sky Kids App, games & parental controls
Box Sets Entertainment plus £5/mth Sky Entertainment plus over 450 box sets including Twin Peaks, Tin Star and Game of Thrones
HD Entertainment plus £5/mth Sky Entertainment plus 3D entertainment, a range of HD channels & over 60 documentary & entertainment channels. If you've got Sky Kids or Sky Box Sets there's more entertainment to watch in HD.
All customers MUST have the Entertainment package, but can add any combination and number of the add-on packages.

You will be able to add Sky Cinema and Sports packages to Sky Entertainment on a rolling basis or on a fixed-term contract.

Will I be forced to switch?

Sky says the new packages are currently only available for new customers, but they will be rolled out and made available to all current customers by the end of January.

Although overall these changes appear to be a good deal for customers, if you have a deal with Sky that you negotiated yourself or are happy with, you DON'T have to change it.

We've asked if existing customers will be offered the chance to switch to a new package EVEN IF the new package is cheaper than their current deal – in effect meaning they could downgrade their contract and cut their monthly bills. Sky says it will give details on this in the New Year.

What if I have Sky channels via another provider?

Sky says these changes are only for its customers, so if you currently have Sky channels via another provider, such as Virgin Media, these changes won't affect you.

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