Future Energy, an energy supplier with about 10,000 domestic customers mainly in North East England and Yorkshire, has ceased trading.

Customers' energy supplies will continue as normal under regulator Ofgem's safety-net rules, and outstanding credit balances will be protected.

The energy watchdog will also choose a new supplier to take on Future Energy's customers and this supplier will contact them when the process is complete.

I'm a Future Energy customer – what do I need to do?

At the moment, Ofgem says that you take a meter reading, and wait for your new supplier, which hasn't yet been determined, to contact you.

Choosing this new supplier could take up to 14 days but it's likely Ofgem will appoint one by early next week.

If you need any further support during this period, Future Energy has advised customers to find support from Ofgem here, or call Citizens Advice on 03454 040506.

Don't switch energy provider at this point.

I was in credit with Future Energy – how do I get this back?

Your new supplier will pay back any outstanding credit you may have.

Once Ofgem has appointed the new supplier, this new supplier will contact you to explain how this will work.

Ofgem's advice is to take a meter reading and a note of the balance if you know it, and to wait for the new supplier to get in touch.

I'm paying back debt to Future Energy. Will I instead pay this to my new supplier?

This is unclear at the moment. It depends on if the new supplier arranges to take on debts owed to Future Energy.

Once a new supplier is appointed, it will explain how things will work in practice.

If you have a bill from Future Energy you should pay it, or pay the new supplier when it is appointed.

Future Energy ceases trading - what it means for customers

When the new supplier contacts me, will I be charged exit fees if I switch?

Once the new supplier contacts you, check if the deal you are being offered by it is the cheapest available to you. You won't be charged exit fees if you decide to switch.

You can use our Cheap Energy Club to find the cheapest tariff.

I'm already in the process of switching from Future Energy. Will this go through?

If you have a switch in progress, you'll continue to be moved to the new supplier of your choice.

Is it possible for me to access my old bills?

It doesn't appear that historical bills can be accessed from the Future Energy website.

We've asked Ofgem if it's possible for you to get these bills and will update this story when we hear back.