MoneySavers have been sharing their cost-cutting successes in 2017 on social media – including everything from huge energy and mortgage switching successes to reclaims after the airline Monarch collapsed and a super-cheap vacuum cleaner deal.

Scores of you have got in touch via Facebook and Twitter over the past few days after we asked how you cut your costs in 2017.

And many have shared their MoneySaving resolutions for the New Year – with one of the most quirky being a pledge to log on to online banking every day and transfer the pence part of the balance to a savings account.

Here are some of the biggest successes and boldest resolutions we've seen – let us know yours on Facebook, Twitter or in the forum.

'I listen to MSE first'

Here are some of the success stories we've seen:

One MoneySaver reclaimed £759 in packaged bank account fees:

And many posted about their MoneySaving wins on Facebook:

As well as the ones you told us about on social media, we also heard several other incredible successes throughout 2017, including:

'My resolution is not to buy any NEW clothes in 2018'

Here are a few of your 2018 resolutions:

The 'penny a day' challenge

One popular MoneySaving tip among our forumites is the 'penny a day' challenge. This involves saving a number of pennies corresponding to the number of days that have passed in the year.

So you save:

1p on 1 January
2p on 2 January... and keep going towards
£3.65 on 31 December

If you complete this, your end-of-year total will be £667.95.

You can follow how others are doing and share your progress in the Save a penny a day 2018 forum thread.

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