Plusnet has promised to warn new customers when their contract is coming to an end - and will guarantee not to raise prices mid-contract.

The company is the first broadband provider to commit to offering customers a notification when their contract is coming to a close - though it's worth noting this only for customers who signed up to its Copper, Fibre and Fibre Extra broadband packages from yesterday onwards

Its pledge comes less than two weeks after the communications regulator Ofcom said it wants companies to notify their customers when their contract is coming to an end, inform them of any changes to their price or services and let them know their options, including that they could save money. See our MSE Phone, broadband and TV customers set to get alerts before their contract ends News story for more information.

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How will the notifications work?

If you sign up for one of Plusnet's Copper, Fibre and Fibre Extra broadband packages (or have signed up since yesterday), you will be automatically contacted by text, email or a phone call, depending on how you requested to be contacted, when your contract is coming to an end.

The exact time that the notifications will be sent is yet to be decided, but Plusnet says it will be in the last few months of customers' contracts. We've asked for more detail but Plusnet says it can't give us any at the moment.

You will also be offered a personal account review, which will assess how you use your broadband and what you need from a package. Plusnet says this will help customers choose the right package and ensure they're not overpaying for services they don't need.

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If you're an existing customer, you won't get the notification unless you sign a new deal on one of the Copper, Fibre or Fibre Extra packages, so make sure you diarise when your contract is due to end and start looking for a new deal a month or so before using our Broadband Unbundled tool.

What does Plusnet say?

Steve Wilson, director of commercial, marketing and digital, said: "We've responded to some of the things customers find most frustrating: by guaranteeing no mid-contract broadband or line rental price rises our new fixed price contracts give customers complete peace of mind about the price that they will be paying for the entirety of their contract. No more nasty bill shocks.

"We know customers can be frustrated when they reach the end of their contract and their prices can change – our end of contract notifications and account review will help customers fully understand their options and make sure they are on the best package for them. It's a big milestone for the business and we're delighted to offer more for less to our customers."