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Advertising watchdog lifts sanctions on Viagogo

Advertising watchdog lifts sanctions on Viagogo

The advertising watchdog has lifted sanctions on secondary ticketing website Viagogo after the firm finally agreed to change the way it displays prices to customers.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled earlier this year that Viagogo was misleading consumers by not being upfront and clear about VAT and additional booking fees that were added throughout the booking process.

In May, it referred the secondary ticket firm to National Trading Standards after it missed the deadline to make compulsory fees clear. 

But now the ASA says Viagogo has agreed that pricing information will be made clear with one single price, containing both the compulsory booking fee and VAT, at the beginning of the booking process.

The watchdog says its decision to lift sanctions does not affect legal action against Viagogo launched by the Competition and Markets Authority on Friday.

What does the ASA and Viagogo say?

The ASA said in a statement: "The Advertising Standards Authority has secured changes to the pricing information appearing on secondary ticketing provider Viagogo's website so that consumers aren't misled.

"As a result of the ASA's work, pricing information will now be made clear with one single price, containing both VAT and the compulsory booking fee, quoted upfront at the start of the consumer journey."

A Viagogo spokesperson said the firm had worked closely with the ASA and welcomed the update, saying: "We remain committed to providing clear information to our customers."