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Don't fall for high-data deals – most users need less than 3GB a month

Over two-thirds of mobile phone customers use less than 3GB of data a month, a poll of users has revealed – as new analysis from Citizens Advice warns £800 million is wasted each year on unused data

31 January 2019

Fraud victims can now complain to the bank receiving their cash

Before today you could only complain to your bank, which sent the money

31 January 2019

100,000s risk fines for filing late tax returns – even though they owe no tax

100,000s of late tax returns are filed each year by people who don't owe any tax, data obtained by shows - meaning many risk a fine of at least £100. If you still need to file a return this year, act fast - the deadline for filing your tax return this year is 11.59pm on Thursday 31 January

30 January 2019

Utilita to take on failed energy supplier Our Power's 38,000 customers

Ofgem has appointed Utilita Energy Limited to take on supplying Our Power’s domestic customers

30 January 2019

Amex blocks Curve 'all-in-one' debit card

Curve cardholders have been stopped from linking their American Express cards to the 'all-in-one' service less than two days after the new functionality was introduced

30 January 2019

eBay to offer sellers 1,000 free listings – but watch out for final value fees

eBay is increasing the number of free monthly listings for sellers from 20 to 1,000 - but remember, you'll still need to pay a fee if your item sells

30 January 2019

Thousands more switch away from TSB after IT meltdown

Latest statistics from July to September last year show that the bank lost more than 16,000 customers

30 January 2019

MPs back Martin's call for an overhaul of ombudsmen

An influential group of MPs has backed Martin Lewis' call for the broken ombudsmen system to be reformed

30 January 2019

New rules to give more pension freedom protection

The Financial Conduct Authority has announced new rules and plans to help make pension choices clearer for over 50s, which it says will help up to 100,000 every year

29 January 2019

Contactless card security flaw largely fixed, in win for MSE's two-year campaign

The financial regulator has said that "almost all" contactless transactions from the two biggest card schemes are now processed 'online' in order to combat a security flaw which meant crooks could use cards months after they'd been cancelled

29 January 2019

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