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Watchdog threatens to take Viagogo back to court

The competition watchdog says that following initial checks, the CMA has serious concerns that Viagogo has not complied with important aspects of the court order we secured against them

24 January 2019

Santander to close 140 branches – but if you're affected here's where you can bank instead

It says the branches involved include those that are not visited frequently and those close to another branch

23 January 2019

MoneySavingExpert beats Lidl and Ikea to be one of the top three UK 'brands'

MoneySavingExpert has scooped third place in YouGov's top brand rankings of 2018, coming out ahead of Lidl, Ikea and BBC One

23 January 2019

Martin Lewis settles lawsuit as Facebook agrees to donate £3m to anti-scam charity and launch new scam ads reporting button

Social media giant Facebook will launch a dedicated new tool to report scam ads, donate £3m to a new Citizens Advice project to help tackle them and cover MSE founder Martin Lewis’ legal costs, after reaching a settlement with him over his campaigning defamation lawsuit

23 January 2019

Ryanair responds to MSE dossier of name-change complaints – and insists 'there is no glitch'

Ryanair has written to MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis insisting there is "no technical problem" which is resulting in passengers' names being automatically changed on bookings, despite us submitting a dossier detailing more than 160 reports of the issue

22 January 2019

Record numbers switched electricity supplier last year

Over 5.8 million - or one in five consumers - made a change last year

22 January 2019

Bereaved families have just months to apply before probate fees are hiked

Many families who have lost a loved one could face increased fees if they don't apply for probate before April - although those with smaller estates may be better off waiting until after the rules change

21 January 2019

Government scraps £65 fee for EU citizens to stay in the UK

If you've already paid, you'll be able to get your money back.

21 January 2019

100,000s of TalkTalk TV customers face £48/yr price rise

You can opt out of the £4/mth charge if you don't want to pay

21 January 2019

Is your passport valid for travel to Europe post-Brexit? A new tool helps you check

In the event of the UK leaving the EU without a deal, new rules will apply, and this tool checks if you passport will be valid for travel

21 January 2019