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NatWest to pilot biometric fingerprint bank card

NatWest to pilot biometric fingerprint bank card

NatWest is giving 200 customers a bank card that uses fingerprint technology to verify transactions over £30, as part of a nationwide trial.

The card will feature a pad, which customers can press their fingerprint against when making purchases of over £30 instead of using a PIN.

An exact date for the trial hasn't been announced, although the customers involved are already aware it is happening and the projected start date is around mid-April.

More details on the pilot and exactly how it'll work – including whether the card will be a debit or credit card – will be available in the coming weeks.

How will the card work?

The card will retain all the functions of a standard bank card. Customers will be able to pay using contactless, and use a PIN if they wish.

But the new technology will allow them to buy items worth more than £30 at the till without entering a PIN – similar to how customers currently can with technology such as Apple Pay.

'Cardholders can pay with a simple touch'

NatWest is working with digital security company Gemalto along with Visa and Mastercard to bring the service to the UK.

Howard Berg, UK managing director of Gemalto, said: "Using a fingerprint rather than a PIN code to authorise transactions has many advantages, primarily enhanced security and greater convenience.

"Cardholders can pay quickly and easily with just a simple touch, and they no longer need to worry about the limit on contactless payment transactions."