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Barclaycard customers sent credit cards which don't work

Barclaycard customers have been left in the lurch after the firm sent out a malfunctioning batch of credit cards, can reveal.

Barclaycard says the issue was with a particular batch of cards in its Platinum range, which was sent out to new and existing customers earlier this month. While it's not given a full list of affected cards, that range includes several balance transfer cards as well as the popular Platinum Cashback Plus travel credit card.

It says some of those who received the cards had them declined when they tried to use them, while others were unable to change their PIN. One MoneySaving couple who ordered a Platinum Cashback Plus travel credit card to use on holiday found they couldn't change the PIN just before going away – when it was too late to order an alternative card.

Barclaycard says replacement cards have now been sent to everyone affected. But if you have recently ordered a new Barclaycard credit card – perhaps if you're about to go away – it's worth checking now that the one you have is working correctly.

Barclaycard has been cagey on exactly how many cards were in the malfunctioning batch. It told us around 0.3% of its "customer base" has been affected, but then bizarrely refused to confirm how many people that actually represents. Barclaycard's most recent annual report says the firm has over 10 million customers, suggesting the figure could be as high as 30,000, but it's unclear. We've repeatedly asked Barclaycard for clarification and will update this story when we hear back.

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'Our travel credit card won't arrive until we've left'

The Platinum Cashback Plus card is popular with travellers due to its no-fee overseas spending and top exchange rates.

Andrew, 60, and Liisa, 58, who live in Hampshire (but asked not to give their full names), are among those who were affected by the problems.

Andrew told us last week: "We applied for the card three weeks before we were due to go abroad, but when it arrived we found we couldn't change the PIN.

"We asked Barclaycard about this and were told it had produced a batch of cards which don't work. We've now been sent a replacement card – that will arrive after we've gone abroad."

What does Barclaycard say?

A Barclaycard spokesperson said: "A small number of newly-issued cards were being declined when customers were trying to make a purchase. Replacement cards have now been sent out to all those customers impacted to resolve the issue."

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