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Under Armour customers still waiting for refunds two weeks after order cancellations

Customers of clothing brand Under Armour have criticised the company's "rubbish service" after being left waiting two weeks for refunds following the cancellation of a large number of online orders.

Scores of shoppers have taken to social media to complain about waiting for refunds – and many say they still haven't had money back – after the store cancelled a raft of orders around the weekend of 18-19 May.

Customers said the cancellations occurred after Under Armour appeared to underprice some goods. Under Armour hasn't given any official comment and many customers simply received an email saying their order had not been accepted, although some who complained then received a follow-up email blaming a "processing error".

While some disappointed Under Armour customers have reported getting full refunds through in the past couple of days, others say they've not received anything or have only had part of their cash back. And many have complained of being struggling to contact the US-headquartered company to voice their concerns.

For full help on what you can do in this sort of situation, see our Consumer Rights guide.

'Still no refund... what's going on?'

Several customers have spoken to of their frustration at not yet having been refunded two weeks after having their orders unexpectedly cancelled.

Sam from Chester, who tried to order equipment he'd noticed was very well-priced on 19 May, told us on Monday 3 June: "I ordered £50+ of clothes for a cycle challenge I'm doing with my Dad.

"They emailed the next day after taking the money saying it was cancelled and I would be paid in five working days... it's been over two weeks. There's been no replies to emails, no communication to anyone."

Another customer, Dave from Shrewsbury, ordered two sets of trainers for £30 on 19 May, and received an email on 22 May saying he'd be refunded within five working days. After phoning Under Armour, he was told his order wasn't honoured due to a "computer issue".

Speaking to MSE on Monday 3 June, he said: "Regardless of whether the trainers or any other items were priced incorrectly, I should have either had the goods or a refund 10(ish) days ago."

Here's a few more of the complaints we've seen:

I'm still waiting for a refund – what should I do?

If you're unhappy with how Under Armour has dealt with your order, you can complain to it using its customer service channels.

Under Armour is generally telling customers via email that it WILL refund them, but if you still haven't got your money back, you could also try going direct to your card provider.

  • Paid £100+ on your credit card? Section 75 gives legal protection. Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, you can often get a refund from your credit card provider if you purchase an item on your card and something goes wrong – such as non-delivery or faults. See our Section 75 guide for full help and template letters.

  • Paid on a debit card, or spent less than £100 on a credit card? Chargeback is a customer service promise. It's not a legal obligation, so banks can't be forced to pay out. But under this lesser-known scheme, you can try to claim if you made a credit card purchase worth under £100 or a debit or prepaid card purchase of any value (though if you used a Mastercard you must have spent at least £10).

    Chargeback claims must usually be put in within 120 days of making a purchase. It's worth noting that under chargeback you receive a refund from your bank and it later claims the money back from the company itself.

    Companies have 45 days to challenge the claim and if they do so successfully, your bank could 'claw back' the refund – so if you get a refund via chargeback, Under Armour could then claw back the money when it actually pays you the refund. See our Chargeback guide for full info.

What does Under Armour say?

We've contacted Under Armour for comment numerous times but haven't heard anything back. We'll update this story if we get a response.

Some MoneySavers have shared the response they've had back directly from Under Armour after complaining though. In response to complaints about tardy refunds, the firm said: "We are currently in the process of refunding the order amount to your original payment method, and it is possible that your refund will be received as two separate credits, so you haven't received the full amount yet.

"If you've received only a partial refund, you will receive the rest shortly."

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