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Had a cold caller at your door? They're NOT from

We've had a series of worrying reports that cold callers have turned up at homes claiming they are from and can save people money on their energy bills. So once again we're warning everyone – MoneySavingExpert NEVER cold calls, and these people are NOTHING to do with us.

Update: 25 July 2023: While this story was originally published in 2019, we've heard a number of new reports about cold callers saying they're from and claiming to be able to help people make savings on their broadband bills. This is still not us – we do NOT cold call. If you're worried about cold callers, you can still follow our guidance below to report this to Action Fraud.

You can also let us know at – please include as much detail as you can about what happened, including the date, time, location and exactly what they said. While we can't reply to every email, it helps us build up a picture of the problem.

We've written about cold callers claiming to be from MoneySavingExpert several times in the past but there's been another spike in reports in recent weeks, with one user even telling us the person knocking on their door had an MSE "identity badge". And the problem doesn't seem to be limited to a specific part of the country – we've had reports in the past month from Birmingham, Kent, Surrey and more.

Some of these reports are likely to be due to confusion with a legitimate cold-calling firm named Money Expert. We know some have confused that firm with MoneySavingExpert, but it is in no way associated with us. MSE is a consumer help website, here to fight your corner. We don't in any way, shape or form take part in – or frankly even endorse – the practice of cold calling.

See full help on how to stop spam calls and mail in our Stop Cold Callers guide – plus you can download a FREE 'no cold callers' sign.

Martin: 'I'm not a fan of energy cold-callers of any variety' founder and chair Martin Lewis said: "These cold callers are nothing to do with MoneySavingExpert and nothing to do with me. I'm not a fan of energy cold-callers of any variety – the right way to do it is to do a full market comparison, not have someone trying to flog products at your door. So it is more than a little galling if people think I'm behind this.

"And if the unconfirmed reports that some cold callers are using my name or MoneySavingExpert's are true, it's a dirty, disgusting attempt to confuse and mislead people.

"Whichever firm is trying to get you to switch energy on your doorstep, the best thing to do is just politely decline. Plus, why not download one of our free 'no cold callers' signs to put on your door? Then if any firm still has the gall to knock, just point to that and politely close the door on them."

'We were visited today by three people with MSE identity tags'

Several people in the past month have told us they've been visited by cold callers who they thought were representing MoneySavingExpert.

Richard from Kent told us: "We were visited in Canterbury by three people with MoneySavingExpert identity tags. They then wanted me to find my energy bill. I'm assuming they are nothing to do with MSE but wanted to alert you anyway."

Meanwhile Chris in Surrey told us: "I live in Lingfield and I had a very pleasant young lady knock at my door. She told me that she was from MoneySavingExpert, she produced a plastic MSE identity badge and suggested that I could be overpaying for my gas and electricity.

"She asked who supplied my gas and electricity and she then asked if she could see one of my bills to confirm which tariff I was on. Luckily I had my daughter visiting me and did not want to stand at the door discussing this. I told her that I was happy with my supplier and wasn't interested in changing at this time."

Another MoneySaver tweeted Martin:

Some of these reports will likely be due to confusion with Money Expert. We're regularly contacted by people who are confused and think Money Expert is something to do with MoneySavingExpert, even though it's not in any way. 

Nadia, who lives in Chiswick, London, told us: "We just had someone with a Money Expert identity card. I assumed it was affiliated with the Martin Lewis company. I object to being cold-sold to at home."

Another MoneySaver, Susanne, said: "I have just had a lady knock on my door saying she was from Money Expert. I thought this was something to do with you so told her I had just used you to sort my energy and she left. I am 72 and very with it when it comes to cold callers, but many elderly [people] may get confused."

And MoneySaver Jackie added: "Just had a Money Expert canvasser trying to promote the cheapest energy tariff. Obviously I was concerned and said I would rather do my own comparison."

What to do if someone knocks on your door

Money Expert is a legitimate company and while we don't support its methods, we can't do anything to stop it visiting homes. If you want to avoid it knocking on your door, you might want to download one of our free 'no cold callers' signs. Remember, the best way to compare energy prices is to do a full market comparison, rather than have someone sell you a product at your door.

If someone appears at your door and claims to be from MoneySavingExpert, turn them away and then report the incident to Action Fraud – the national fraud reporting service – even if you haven't lost any money. It could stop others from being scammed.

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